Posted by: arieliondotcom | February 20, 2013

Judging GOD by You

So there you are at the grocery store. And they are there, too. The family from hell. The children are running the aisles. A baby is screaming. And the parents are oblivious to it all. Probably on a cell phone, which is a shame because you would like to stare them down with a look that says “You must be the worst parents in the world.”

That is what the world thinks of GOD when it sees His children act no better than themselves or their children in life. For all the mocking non-Believers do of Christians, they really do want them to be right. They want to know there’s a better way to live. They want hope beyond death. But they need to see proof in Believers that GOD really does make a difference.

That is why Moses is, you guessed it, explaining the Law and their responsibilities to Israel again in today’s Scripture. He has done this over and over and over for over 40 years, the entire lives of the surviving children of those who left Egypt. It is to make them a distinctive people, different from anyone around. Only they have been given access to the true GOD. And the only way for other people to see that GOD makes a difference is for His people to act differently.

In the New Testament, Paul and James will warn Christians that if the Spirit of GOD in you has not made a visible difference in your life for love of JESUS that others can see, you are fooling yourself. JESUS always makes a difference. And that difference is always loving obedience to the Father.

The world judges GOD by how well His children obey Him the way parents are judged by the way their children behave in public. Deuteronomy 4-6



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