About Arieliondotcom

Ordained MALE minister with disabilities and specializing in ministry to others with disabilities but not your typical minister. 🙂

I was given the name Ariel, “Lion of GOD” by a Rabbi who also happened to be an Army Colonel. He was doing Scripture studies on the meaning of Torah and Tenach (the “Old Testament” as some folks call them). I was there and would give a running, though respectful, commentary about how those same Scriptures pointed the way to Y’SHUA, JESUS CHRIST, as Messiah, for both Jewish folks and non-Jewish folks (Gentiles). He commented that it took a lot of courage to preach about Y’SHUA in a session being run by a Rabbi, especially when the Rabbi is a “full bird” Colonel. And that’s why he gave me the name “Lion of GOD.”

This site is reserved for my examination of the concepts of Connectivism and Connective Knowledge (CCK08) as specifically applied to the History of (Christian) Missions.

I also have a site of more formal sermons at: http://www.arielion.com

NOTE: The advertisements are placed here by WordPress and do not constitute an endorsement by me. In fact they are random and I have no way of screening or blocking them. All references to links by me are to my own sermon, audio and video links. I disavow any advertising links.


  1. How very interesting…I am also an ordained reverend…and not your typical 😉 By the way, my little office is right next door to yours. I have learned some building skills if you’d like basic help…Am also looking into scripting. Will be heading off to your site after this post…

  2. […] is essentially a kairological experience. I did not stay up as late as bradleyshoebottom but like arielion in his post I have a sense of my own learning biography time line through the catalyst of Week […]

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