Posted by: arieliondotcom | February 14, 2014

The “Liberal” Christian

I see a trend in American culture toward acceptance being accepted as Love and tolerance being accepted as Christianity. Liberalism is confused with Grace and weariness of warring in ideologies is called being intellectual. And so we have the “Liberal Christian.”

I have neither the intelligence nor the literary skill to combat the award-winning authors feeding this trend. But I know that it is unscriptural. I can’t fully explain why GOD had warriors murder men, women, children and animals in the founding of Israel. But I know that if you think you are a Christian and that having babies pulled from their wombs and slaughtered is acceptable in any way, you are mistaken about what Christianity is and Whom it is you think you are following. I know that when GOD says homosexuality is an abomination not fit to speak of but you say it is an acceptable lifestyle it is not the Jesus Christ of reality Who said not one dot of His Word, the Bible, would be nullified you are obeying. I know that when you confuse those who WILL not work with those who CANNOT work and say it’s okay to give the indolent food, shelter, money, phones, houses, sex, children (all against Scripture that says anyone who CAN work MUST work), you are wrong. And you are denying human beings a fundamental requirement of their character put in place in the first garden before mankind was touched by evil. And you are supporting a political program designed to weaken a society to the point where those who believe taking from others but not themselves is okay are empowering themselves to the citizenry’s enslavement.

In short, if you support the platform (as of this writing) of the Democratic party or a liberal view that support these things it is not Christianity you are practicing, no matter how lovely the angelic appearance of your words. It is sophistry, self-delusion and sin.


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