Posted by: arieliondotcom | January 15, 2014

Drowning in Delay (Psalm 69)

Drowning in Delay (Psalm 69)

There’s probably no worse feeling in life than waiting on an answer from GOD and not getting one. Direction. Healing. Answer to prayer. Relief from pain. All things we (including Christians) wait for…sometimes for years.

David is exhausted, mentally, physically and spiritually from being attacked by others while he waits for GOD. His head has not just slipped beneath the waves of despair. He is sinking in the mud of hopelessness at the bottom of his spiritual ocean. The weeds of helplessness are covering his face even when he calls to GOD for help.

And GOD is the reason others are harassing him. He isn’t suffering because he did wrong. It’s because he’s faithful to GOD instead of joining them that the world hates David and abuses him.

What do we do when this happens to us? What is our response when we wait for GOD but no answer comes?

We probably do what David did. We complain and whine about how badly we’re treated. We point at others and how they treat us. We cry to GOD about how unfair it is, losing sight even as we ask Him to fix it, that if He can and hasn’t He must be allowing it. And if He is allowing it then the wait must be for good, for our good and/or the good of others.

Most of this psalm is David complaining to GOD about how badly he’s being treated, how weary he is, crying himself dry even as he drowns in depression, and how faithful he has been in waiting for GOD though GOD doesn’t seem to be very helpful making him wait so long.

Then, suddenly, something changes. In verse 29, David suddenly remembers his Salvation. GOD isn’t the One Who is sometimes absent. He is the One Who is always with us, Who rescued us from ourselves. When David remembers his Salvation for eternity he’s no longer drowning in depression. Now he’s on a mountaintop with GOD. He has regained an eternal perspective and he can encourage others to look up to GOD rather than looking around and whining about circumstances and sinners. He sees that he is a role model and calls others to hope in GOD. And he looks into the future to the eternal Zion where Messiah will rule and His people will live to praise GOD in peace.

We know from the New Testament that much of this psalm is David prophesying about his descendant, in the human sense, the Messiah he longed for, JESUS Christ.

But JESUS is also GOD. Imagine being absolutely pure but drowning in the filth of others for about 33 years, like a bird smothering in a landslide. Imagine the amount of love it took for JESUS to set aside the privileges of His being the very Nature of GOD to suffer at the hands of those who supposedly loved GOD. Imagine the strongest longing for love and companionship you’ve ever known and multiply it by infinity. That’s what He felt as a man after being with the Father from eternity past.

It’s JESUS cleansing the Temple that David prophesies about in verse 9. It is JESUS suffering on the Cross and being given gall to drink that David prophesies about in verse 21. It is JESUS Who provides the salvation offered in verse 29. It is JESUS Who is the Messiah returning to rule from Zion in verse 35.

When we feel as if we’re drowning in delay we need only remember our position as saved for eternity to realize we’re on the mountaintop with JESUS. A new perspective gives us a new attitude. Our complaints turn to praise realizing no matter how long we wait we’re waiting with JESUS, not alone, and with good cause. The wait has an end but the glory in eternity is forever.


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