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Hating Heaven (Psalm 68)

Hating Heaven (Psalm 68)

There’s an old Italian proverb that goes “He is crying from hunger with a loaf of bread under his arm.” Complaining no matter how blessed we are. That’s us, at one point or another. Satan is like that. It was that attitude that had him thrown out of heaven, dissatisfied with being a glorious angel and wanting to be GOD instead. And he taught Adam and Eve to be like that, wanting the one thing GOD said they couldn’t have. And their disobedience gives us original sin that makes us like that as well. Cain, son of Adam and Eve was like that. Dissatisfied with the good GOD gave him he was jealous of what Abel had, and more specifically the relationship Abel had with GOD, and killed him for it.

Dissatisfaction. Crying from hunger with our hands so full of food we’ve got to carry the bread under our arms. This is the attitude we inherited from the Garden of Eden and it’s the sin nature that is discussed in Psalm 68. When we are dissatisfied with our lot in life it makes us feel cheated by GOD and as a result, as the psalm says, we hate Him for it, ignoring all the good He gives.

To justify our dissatisfaction we accuse GOD of being an unfair monster. If He keeps a couple from having children or allows a baby to die, we accuse Him. If the child lives but suffers, we accuse Him. If the child grows into a monster…which is anyone from Hitler to someone we dislike…we accuse Him. All because, in our hearts, we have Satan’s nature of wanting to be GOD ourselves and do things the *right* way. OUR way.

Hell is the result of having Satan’s nature instead of GOD’s. As the psalm shows, wind doesn’t hate smoke. Their natures simply can’t exist together. Fire doesn’t hate wax. The nature of wax is such that it simply can’t exist in fire’s presence. It is because our hateful sin-stained nature can’t exist in the Presence of GOD’s Nature that He gives us the Salvation mentioned at the end of the psalm. JESUS literally became like our nature of human beings, though without sin, to give us His Nature through making us new creations through faith. And we have the promise that when we are beyond the limits of humanity, in eternity, we shall see Him as He is and become like Him in ways flesh can’t contain.

The psalm describes the difference between those who have not been born again: Hating GOD, unable to be in His Presence, wanting Him to be like them (which would corrupt any good He can offer them) rather than wanting to be like Him.

But it also describes the change faith from the Holy Spirit brings. Joy. Praises for Who GOD is. Satisfaction. Trust.

Psalm 68 contrasts the hatred of those without GOD’s Nature to His Nature of Love: companionship, shelter and protection to the lonely and helpless. Freedom to prisoners.

GOD provides refreshment, new Life, victory. Those who hate Him aren’t pushed away. They run. They choose the desert rather than the rain. They hide from Him when all they need do is surrender.

The New Testament explains that this psalm refers to JESUS. It is He Who gives Salvation and new Life. It is He who takes captives and receives gifts even from those who hate Him. He has ascended to the throne at the right Hand of the Father with the hearts of those who love Him captive. He gives the Grace of the Holy Spirit to those He gives a new nature to love and serve Him by loving and serving others in His Name. And He will return to Mount Zion to rule as Messiah and Judge. He will defeat every enemy of His people who war against Him. They too will acknowledge Him as LORD but too late to be His. Those who refused to be transformed will be given what they wanted, absence of all the goodness of GOD in suffering. They hated Heaven and their nature won’t allow them there. But those who have been transformed to GOD’s Nature will be made like Christ to praise Him and bless the Father through the power of the Holy Spirit forever.


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