Posted by: arieliondotcom | January 8, 2014

Snug in Bed (Psalm 67)

Snug in Bed (Psalm 67)

Before “Goodnight Moon” or any of the lullabies known today, GOD gave us a sort of lullaby for all ages in Psalm 67. As we hear it we can imagine a child snug in bed reciting bedtime blessings.

I pray you have been tucked snug into bed as a child. I can only remember one incidence. My father was drunk as usual. We literally had to step over his unconscious body on the floor, thankful he was “sleeping it off” after another of his violent rages after seeing a man marry my sister and give her a better life than he could. My mother was in her usual hysterics, the kind of over-the-top ranting and nagging that had we six kids wonder whether our father was on to a good thing in the drunken stupor idea. But one of the wedding guests, my cousin Sonny, was visiting. I don’t remember him for anything else. But in that chaos where only my little sister and I were home with our grown siblings gone, Sonny tucked us into bed and kissed us goodnight on our foreheads.

Psalm 67 is like that. It begins with a “GOD bless everybody” type of prayer as children make. Then there’s a pause (Selah). Then it goes into reasons why all people everywhere should praise GOD, because He gives us all good things and makes everything turn out right. Then there’s another pause.
Then the psalm ends with the statement that the more all the earth realizes how blessed they are, and that GOD is in control even when they don’t think about it, the more they will be blessed and kept from harm knowing that all evil knows our Daddy is stronger and nothing can threaten us when we are snug in the bed of His care.

Where are we today? GOD carries us in the arms of Christ once nailed to a cross and now outstretched to us. He longs to take us into His protection forever and tuck us into His Peace in Love. We need only run to Him and ask. Then we can have the peace of Psalm 67 as our lullaby. We can sing praises of peace knowing our Father runs the world and we can rest with the kiss of Christ on our foreheads and His Love in our hearts. Peaceful, Praising and Protected snug in the bed of Salvation, we can rest in any circumstance and awake refreshed to serve others with and for JESUS.


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