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Been There. Done That. (Psalm 65)

Been There. Done That. (Psalm 65)

People often think that because there are two covenants (with Israel in the Old Testament and with the world in the New Testament) that JESUS isn’t in the Old Testament. But you can clearly see that the entire Bible is one Book, and that Book has one author, the Holy Spirit, and that Book is about one Subject, JESUS Christ, in David’s song, Psalm 65.

Mount Zion is where the Temple was located and the center of worship. But it is also symbolic of Heaven. David starts his song looking forward to the day when the lives of the faithful will be accepted in Heaven like the sacrifices in the Temple are accepted. This is the Day of Judgment when every human that has ever lived will appear before GOD. And we see it is the same scene JESUS describes Himself presiding over. As Christians often say in their creeds it is JESUS Who will judge the living and the dead.

But there is no Judgment for Believers in Christ, because as JESUS said and David explains although everyone sins, David (and other Believers) understand their sins have already been purged away by JESUS. David wouldn’t know the specifics but knows in his Spirit that Messiah will rescue him from his own sin and death. That Messiah is JESUS.

David goes on to say of GOD as JESUS says of Himself that we have not chosen Him but He has chosen us. It is only those GOD chooses who choose to approach GOD. We know this as the process JESUS describes as being born again. The Holy Spirit indwells the heart, and gives eternal Life. This Life is a radical response to the realization that Christ, GOD in flesh, gave Himself for us to pay for the sins we mentioned earlier. This causes a sort of Spiritual chain reaction where Believers want to give their lives in service to JESUS in return. These are the people whose only satisfaction is being with GOD, on earth and in Heaven.

David describes that GOD answers prayers for salvation with righteousness. He gradually reforms those who are His into the image of Christ. That’s where the name “Christians” originated. It means “Little Christs” and was originally intended as a put down but really explains what non-Christians see, an example of JESUS in the Life of Christians they know as if He was living among them. And He is, as JESUS explained, in their midst. Christians are His Body on earth. And this Salvation is available to all who are willing to accept it.

The remainder of the psalm is David praising GOD for His creation. JESUS is the means of all creation. All of the beauty and power and glory we see in nature around us has been created through JESUS. And human beings have no role but to enjoy it. David says it’s as if some great Gardener planted all the plants in the wilderness where no human has been and has planted the wild animals that seem to spring up with regularity without man breeding them. This is all the work of JESUS.

JESUS is not new in the New Testament. And His actions are not new with His birth. He is GOD the Son. He is throughout the Old Testament. From before Creation He has existed and acted as Second Person of the GODhead. No matter where we turn in the Bible or in all of Creation (other than sin) we can see and hear JESUS say, “Been there. Done that.” Because of His sinlessness He can rescue us from ours and we, like David and all Creation, can look forward to praising Him with songs of joy.


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