Posted by: arieliondotcom | January 4, 2014

Comfort in Complaints (Psalm 64)

Comfort in Complaints (Psalm 64)

Because David was a shepherd it’s easy to see animal descriptions in his psalms. In today’s psalm he starts off asking GOD to hear him in his complaint. It’s easy to see what David was probably thinking of, a little lamb bleating loudly for its mother. David is like the lamb, alone and frightened, bleating for help, complaining about enemies all around.

But the complaining only draws the enemy closer. We get the picture of poachers, thieves who are ready to kill the sheep, hunting it down as if it’s fair game when it’s not. They’re ready with swords of unfair advantage. They have arrows to kill for no reason.

Notice the emphasis David puts on the plans evil makes. Evil doesn’t just happen. Usually we must go out of our way to do wrong, plan for it, turn the wrong way, do the wrong thing, lie and devise a scheme to cover it up. Evil takes work, which is why a paraphrase of the Scripture “the wages of sin is death” is “the paycheck you earn for evil is death.”

But David is protected. The complaining servant isn’t abandoned. And the bleating lamb isn’t ignored. But it’s not another sheep that comforts him. It’s not the mother who consoles him. It’s the Shepherd. The Shepherd shoots arrows at the would-be poachers and sheep thieves. He kills those who seek the life of his lamb. And the story spreads far and wide that the Shepherd cares for his own and they are protected.

JESUS is the Great Shepherd of the Sheep. He hears our complaints when the world, the flesh and the devil attack. He hears us cry out when we’re overwhelmed by our sin and know we need Him to rescue us. He doesn’t punish us. He already paid the punishment for us on the Cross. Instead we need only be still and accept His protection as He defeats every threat and enemy on our behalf, including death.

The result of our gratitude is praise. Our complaints turn to singing and service to others on His behalf. Through our changed lives others can find and praise the Great Shepherd as well.


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