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The Saturated Soul (Psalm 63)

The Saturated Soul (Psalm 63)

What is your soul saturated with? When the circumstances of life wring you like a sponge, what comes out?

In today’s psalm David is in the wilderness and contrasts the dry desert around him with the richness of his soul in GOD. We know from the end of the psalm that he is praying for himself as king so he has either been chosen as king by GOD but is hiding in the wilderness from Saul who doesn’t want to give up the kingdom or has been king and is hiding in the wilderness from his son Absalom who is trying to take the kingdom from him or he is the king in a war party in the wilderness. Because he specifically asks for protection from liars it suggests it is Saul he’s hiding from who was accusing David of being a traitor when there was no one more faithful.

Either way, when circumstances are wringing David’s soul dry what comes out are cries for GOD to fill him again and praise for what GOD has done for him in the past. David says he physically hurts from yearning for GOD. If you have ever been in love you know this feeling. Heartache isn’t just an expression. You physically ache for the presence of the person you love. There is a flesh hunger that humans have that physically craves companionship and touch totally apart from sexuality and David’s craving to feel the Presence of GOD again physically hurts him. We see the extreme of this in JESUS praying to the Father so hard and longing for Him so much that He sweat blood.

David says that when we feel ourselves drying up without the Presence of GOD we can stop the process. First, we can soak ourselves in the memory of GOD, remembering His Power and Glory. If you are a Christian, stop and call to mind the most powerful moments JESUS spoke to you. Think how He saved you and when that realization of how He suffered for you and died for you most affected you. Think of that church service when He seemed to physically be close to you and touched your heart. And if you are not a Christian and feel indifferent toward Christ, consider the beauty and power of creation and the magnitude of the Love it took for JESUS, the One Who made it all, to die for you. Then ask Him to fill your life.

David finds refreshment in remembering his sweetest times in GOD’s Presence. David then says that GOD’s lovingkindness is better than life. How strange is that? It’s to be expected that we would thank GOD for life and thank Him for His lovingkindness that keeps us alive but how could it be better than life?

David is saying he’d rather have the Presence of GOD than physical life, that he would rather die with GOD than live without Him. If you’re a Christian you recognize this is what JESUS did. He loves the Father Who loves you so much that He, JESUS, died as a man in order to bring you back to the Father. He would rather suffer death and hell in payment for our sins than keep Himself aloof from us as GOD. And you’ll recognize His Spirit calls us to love Life with GOD above our human life. When we are born again we live in the flesh only to help others find Spiritual Life in JESUS for themselves. That is why martyrs were willing to die rather than renounce Him. And the Apostle Paul found himself struggling whether to fight to live and continue to point others to Christ or go Home to Christ Himself.

Praising GOD, calling to mind all that GOD had done for him and continuing to praise GOD in every circumstance helped David remain fully saturated in GOD’s Presence like a man after a filling meal. He compares himself to a baby who has been fed to burping and nestled against the Father’s shoulder. He’s like a lamb who is still nursing staying close to its mother for the next meal.

David never lifted his own hand against Saul but he prayed for GOD’s protection from him. As full of GOD’s Spirit as David is he knows that Saul is not. It is because David is GOD’s chosen king that Saul seeks to kill him and David remarks that will only lead to Saul’s own death. He prophesies that Saul would die by the sword as he did. If you squeezed Saul’s soul you’d find jealousy, lies, fear and hatred drip out. But David renews his own faithfulness as king to GOD Who chose him. Those who are for GOD will be for him because his life is saturated with GOD. But those who oppose him oppose GOD Who chose him. They choose lies of their own making instead.

What…or rather whom…is your soul saturated with? If with GOD then you have given yourself to JESUS for Him to fill you with His Spirit and the Life He bought for you on the cross. Circumstances will only reveal His Nature in you and be used to attract others to Him while you live. You can maintain this fulness of Spirit in any circumstance by remembering and rejoicing and praising the times you’ve had with JESUS and His loving Presence with you now and beyond the grave.


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