Posted by: arieliondotcom | January 2, 2014

More Than Enough (Psalm 62)

More Than Enough (Psalm 62)

Psalm 62 is a warning from David against wanting more than enough. It symbolizes relying on only one source of strength, only one source of advice and wisdom and security, and that is GOD.

Even when Scripture describes GOD’s Nature as Father, Son and Holy Spirit (such as at the baptism of JESUS) the emphasis is that GOD is one Nature and of one Mind and one Will. When Scripture says there is wisdom in many counselors it means many godly counselors who confirm the same point that you believe GOD has said.

The same message is for the rich and poor. And notice David’s statement “if riches increase” in verse 10. Any theology that says GOD wants you to be rich because you are a Christian or are obedient is a lie. And any minister who says GOD wants you to have more money, have a financial “breakthrough” or says you have a right to wealth because you are “the head and not the tail”, a Christian or obedient is a liar. Most of GOD’s people in Scripture and throughout history were poor by most standards, as was JESUS Himself. GOD allows some to be rich for His own purposes. But with riches comes much danger of relying on it rather than on GOD.

The Apostle Paul says that if we have covering on the outside and food on the inside we should be content, physically. And Spiritually David explains that GOD is all the protection and sustenance we need. It’s only when we try to gain more than enough that we turn to other people and other means than GOD. Only He provides the power, protection and Salvation we need as He showed by giving Himself on the Cross for us. Only His Spirit provides the kind of Love that can cleanse and change us toward Himself and others. And His work for in and through us is enough.


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