Posted by: arieliondotcom | December 31, 2013

The Beginning and the End (Revelation. 22:13)

The Beginning and the End (Revelation 22:13)

Today is the beginning of one year and the end of another. And not realizing that the end has come can hurt. Try continuing to write checks with last year’s date and driving with documents dated from the year that has ended and you’ll soon realize there are painful consequences to ignoring endings.

That simple statement is actually very profound because JESUS calls Himself the Beginning and the End, the A and Z or Alpha and Omega. Everything that ever was except GOD Himself had a beginning. And JESUS, Second Person of the Trinity of the Godhead was the means used for all beginnings. And He will be the means to decide the end of everything He literally had a Hand in creating.

Notice that JESUS says He is the beginning and the end. The end isn’t necessary for the Beginning to start, but it is always a result of the Beginning. While we were yet sinners Christ died for us. It is not necessary that we stop sinning before we ask JESUS to forgive and cleanse us with new Life, His Life. But the end of sin will eventually be the consequence, if not completely in this Life most certainly in the Life to come.

There is a reason the Holy Spirit is symbolized as fire and wind in the Bible. Once fire has begun its work, it’s nearly impossible to know what will remain. It goes in its own power and its effects will depend on the character of what it acts upon. A tornado’s damage and its effects are in itself but the end will show what an object is “made of.” The Holy Spirit will do as He wills in the lives of those He inhabits to give the Life of Christ. We cannot control His will, but we can control the gifts He gives and our willingness to accept or quench His actions. There will be a beginning of eternal life, but there will also be an end to much of the old life. We will never be sin free but we will be completely free from sin, even if we don’t act like it at times.

They say “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish”, and that is true. It’s even Scriptural. Ecclesiastes says so and gives the example that the effects of time, such as making the stubborn patient, shows this. But Isaiah explains that GOD has an end for us we may not understand. He began His plan before we lived and His plans will continue when we are beyond the grave. We have a beginning and an end but JESUS is the “be all and end all” because He has no beginning and no end.

Peter mentions that the only exception to the end being better than the beginning are those who refuse to accept the end. They profess Christ but continue to sin and are worse off than when they hadn’t because the Holy Spirit will continue burning and blowing on that sin spot until it ends. We do not need to stop sinning to ask Christ for forgiveness and new Life. But we must accept that GOD will set to work purifying us of those sins. His intent in giving us new Life is to make us more like Christ. And Christ only resurrected after He was crucified. We must be crucified with Christ as well. The beginning of new Life means the old life must end, as easily or painfully as our character and willingness allow.

JESUS is the Beginning of Life and End of Death. If we are wise we will accept gladly the death of what He is not and ask Him to begin all He wants us to be, leaving the past behind. It is done and we need only accept it. We need only begin drinking Christ’s Living Water to relieve our thirst. But that Living Water is His Blood from His death for us. It means the end of the things of this world we thirst for and death to ourselves once His Life begins in us.


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