Posted by: arieliondotcom | December 30, 2013

The Priority of Pruning

The Priority of Pruning (John 15)

I heard some great illustrations yesterday in Sunday School by a horticulturalist for the vine and pruning and fruit illustrations in John 15. He said that pruning fruit-bearing trees looks vicious, as if they’re being cut to stumps, but it’s actually the only way to get the tree to bear more fruit. In fact, he says it is ironic because his customers will say “We need this tree to bear as much fruit as possible! We must use the fruit to pay taxes!” But as he starts to cut one branch the customer stops him and says, “Not that branch! It’s shading the mailbox!” Or “Not that branch! We’re going to put up a swing!” They lose sight that fruit is the priority, as much fruit as possible, and that calls for extreme measures. In fact, stress always produces more fruit. In Hawaii they burn the pineapple fields to get more fruit. A bombsite where a tree had grown incinerated the tree but it grew back with more fruit than ever. And cashew plantation owners actually drive nails into cashew trees for the purpose of stressing the tree’s resources which causes it to bear more fruit (cashews grow from). It’s easy to see this gardener’s point and connection to the words of JESUS in John 15 about GOD pruning us to bear as much fruit as possible, no matter what we must lose, what stress we endure or what we look like in the process. It will be worth it all at Harvest.


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