Posted by: arieliondotcom | December 9, 2013

House Work (Psalm 61)

House Work (Psalm 61)

What does GOD’s house look like to you? Is it a little country church? Is it a cathedral? And what do you do there?

In Psalm 61, David describes the place he spends alone with GOD as a rock, a tower and a tent.

Perhaps most importantly, David first realizes that he needs to be with GOD, alone with GOD and protected by GOD but that only GOD can bring him there. He can’t bring himself into GOD’s Presence.

Next, David acknowledges that GOD is higher than himself. We must acknowledge GOD’s call which leads us above and beyond ourselves. That is where our protection from weakness is found, and our greatest weakness is our mortality. The only rescue from death is found above in the One Who Transcends Death.

Sometimes GOD calls us to live on top of a mountain. We feel His Presence but we feel the elements, too. Life stings us like sleet or burns us like the sun, but we work on empowered by GOD.

Sometimes life with GOD is like living in a war zone. We’re in a tower fortress of GOD’s protection but He is all we have. That doesn’t mean the enemies aren’t still attacking.

Sometimes life with GOD is like living in a tent. We are at peace and at rest. He shelters us.

And sometimes life with GOD requires us to be nurtured and cared for, like a baby bird under its mother’s wings kept warm and safe and fed.

David says that all of this, living with GOD in any circumstance or situation, is the result of making a vow to GOD, dedicating ourselves to Him. And that is done when we realize that He has already saved us.

Then David suddenly switches gears and starts asking GOD to bless the King. And this is a mystery. Who is this king? Is it himself? Or his son, king Solomon? Or is it King Messiah, the Promised One?

Perhaps it’s all three. But David makes clear that he can only be empowered to keep his vows by the power of GOD, having been given the desire to please GOD in the first place by the same lovingkindness and mercy he asks never to leave.

JESUS is King of Kings and LORD of LORDS. He said that all power in Heaven and earth had been given to Him. He chooses to use that power to rescue us from death to Life and from hell to Heaven when we believe in Him. But He also uses it to live in us and with us, on the rock, in the tower fortress, in the tent, and keeping us safe and nurturing us under His wings. He is at home with us and wants us to be at home (“abide”) with Him. And He has promised to be with us, always, when we give ourselves to Him.

Wherever our “house” with JESUS is, though, as long as we’re in the house of our human body we have house work to do. We have vows, godly living, to fulfill in Him and for Him, and out of love for Him to others. Then we will have a life of joy, singing praise as we do our “house work” in any circumstance.


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