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Righteousness and Resistance (Psalm 60)

Righteousness and Resistance (Psalm 60)

This psalm is about incidents where those around David fought against him, sometimes without provocation. He won by GOD’s Grace. But David is wondering out loud in this prayer turned worship song why GOD allows enemies to begin with. If we are obedient to GOD, why does He allow others to cause us harm anyway?

The Psalm starts off with David complaining about those who GOD allows to attack his people. He begs for help on the basis of their being GOD’s people so GOD should help them since they’re doing the best they can to obey.
But they are still hurting against resistance.

If you are familiar with physical fitness you already know the answer. It’s called resistance training. The pull against your body’s muscles makes your body stronger. In fact, rather than easier, resistance gets higher and harder the more fit you are.

GOD reveals to David in Psalm 60 that David is undergoing Spiritual resistance training. It’s not always because we’re disobedient that we have trouble. Sometimes it’s simply because we’re obedient. And the stronger we are, the stronger the resistance GOD allows to strengthen us further.

In this Psalm, David repeats what GOD has revealed to him. First, GOD gives an expected answer. He owns the various tribes of Israel. They’re GOD’s possession. But then GOD goes on to say something unusual. The enemy lands are His, too! We sometimes forget that GOD is the GOD of all the earth. There is no other. Just because they don’t recognize Who He is, it doesn’t mean He isn’t in charge. He owns everything. And He uses people to do His will, including as exercise to make or keep His people strong.

This is why JESUS says His yoke is easy and His burden is light and that in the world we will always have troubles, but to cheer up because He has overcome the world. We must take up our cross daily. This is why we’re told to resist the devil. Willingly. Enthusiastically. And we can only do that when we are new creations in Christ. We exchange the weight of our sins for the weight of what JESUS has for us to do. But this is no burden. It is a Spiritual workout with JESUS where He is our “spotter” and only gives us the amount of resistance we can handle.

We might think weight trainers are insane spending hundreds of dollars to purchase equipment or the use of equipment that makes them groan and strain and hurt. But they will tell you it’s a pleasure because the results in growing stronger and healthier are worth much more than the strain.

JESUS is calling us to allow Him to remove the dangerous weights of sin and guilt that only He can remove and are strangling us. Instead, get under the weights of resistance training. He has already overcome them. And, with His Spirit of renewal and forgiveness, we can overcome all resistance, growing stronger under His guidance.

David ends his Psalm acknowledging that it’s not personal strength or righteousness, but only GOD’s strength that saves and strengthens us, victory by victory, in the process. In JESUS, we with Him are allowed to overcome the resistance to His righteousness in the world, groaning and grinning all the way.


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