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Counterfeit Conviction (Psalm 59)

Counterfeit Conviction (Psalm 59)

It’s an irony of human nature that we won’t feel guilty about what we should, but do feel guilty about things that matter less or not at all. And worse than that, we often listen to humans who accuse us of silly things while ignoring GOD shouting to our hearts to get right with Him.

False guilt. That’s how incompetent politicians get elected and people actually believe they should pay restitution for what people generations before them did.

This psalm is David rejecting false guilt and accusations from liars.

You can read the background to this prayer later turned to a song in 1 Samuel 19:11. There are hints in the introduction. Saul was king of Israel but
GOD was arranging for David to replace him and Saul knew it and hated him for it. So Saul kept trying to find ways to kill David. He allowed his daughter to marry David in order to be popular with the people, who loved David, and to keep David close enough to kill more easily.

This psalm was written when Saul sent messengers to surround David’s house. They were spying on David to try to use any excuse to kill him.

Often, David asks GOD to forgive him just in case he is guilty of something and the LORD is using enemies or trouble to discipline him. But not this time. David knows he’s innocent towards Saul and certainly these men. And he refuses to be falsely accused.

And these are not just ordinary messengers. The word for messenger is more often used for mighty beings or angels. We know from the way it’s used that it means “messenger” here. But David even refers to them (and Saul who sent them) as “mighty.” The point is, how could David prove his innocence if mighty men said he was guilty? That is why David asks GOD to vindicate him.

David describes these guards being like vicious dogs that keep circling his house and howling. They’re like dogs on a hunt trying to scare a rabbit into running so they can eat it. But David asks GOD to rescue him. He asks that GOD not simply kill them. Then other people could still think they died nobly. David asks GOD to have them suffer and be shown to be liars, to have them circle the city howling like dogs begging for food but for no one to feed them, knowing they’re dangerous.

David says GOD laughs at these doglike men because David is innocent. GOD will put Himself in between David and the dogs and confront them. GOD is David’s Defense. David can do nothing and needs to do nothing. GOD’s Mercy and Strength are David’s only weapons against lies and false accusations. Rather than being stuck with false guilt, David is free to write his prayer as a song and prepare to praise GOD publicly when he is rescued.

We are living in a time when Isaiah’s prophecy in Isaiah 5:20 is true and those around us “call evil good and good evil, put darkness for light and light for darkness” and “put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” Our own government is accusing those with Christian values of being evil. But this should be no surprise.

We knew this would happen because JESUS warned us it would. The purpose of being Christian is to make us mini-mirrors of Christ. It’s no wonder that, since evil hated Him it will hate His reflection in us.

JESUS Himself was falsely accused. But even when the top religious and political authorities of His day accused Him, JESUS never accepted false guilt. Neither did the Apostle Paul when he was likewise accused. And neither of them sought to attack back.

Like David, and JESUS, and Paul, our reaction to false accusations should be to deny false guilt but trust GOD to vindicate us. David and Paul and we have plenty to be guilty about and confess to JESUS. But don’t get caught in lies from the devil. Pray and ask JESUS to help you be free of whatever is making you feel guilty when others accuse you of something else. Then accept the peace of Christ and let Him deal with confronting the dogs. You concentrate on praising Him for His imminent rescue.


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