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The Silent Sentence (Psalm 58)

The Silent Sentence (Psalm 58)

Translators have had trouble with this psalm. You may hear wildly different interpretations for verse one depending on which translation you read. That’s because there’s a word used only in this verse and nowhere else. Unfortunately it’s also the subject of the sentence and determines the whole point. The Hebrew word is pronounced “AYlem.” It’s very similar to words for GOD, a group of powerful beings (gods or angels or men in authority) or silence. And that’s what causes the trouble.

But the idea is that someone powerful is keeping silent while evil is going on. And that’s the point of the entire psalm.

David describes the crafty nature of humanity. We are born with the seed of evil because of Adam and Eve. We think in our hearts how we can do wrong and even our methods are evil. We are literally born liars as any parent of a small child left alone with something they shouldn’t touch will tell you.

The evil do more and more evil. It’s as if they’re washing themselves in mud, sinking deeper and deeper.

But they’re silent. Like a snake biting before you notice it and deaf so the snake charmer can’t make it behave.

David asks that punishment would come on evil people quckly. Toothless lions. Dried up snails. A waterfall that’s suddenly silent. Torn to pieces while pulling back the bow. A miscarruage. Clay pots destroyed before they can be fire-drieg and useful.

The idea is that the wicked destroy the potential for good. Yet they do it silently, without excuse.

What’s more, GOD seems to be silent. David is saying he wants to hear that the wicked are punished and that GOD had done the right thing. He wants the righteous to be vindicated as he says in the gory statement about washing feet in the blood of evil people.

David longs for justice.

This is how many thought of JESUS. “Sure we’ll believe in you AFTER you zap the people we don’t like and who treat us badly!” But that’s not how it works.

There’s a quote going around on the internet that says “Don’t worry when GOD doesn’t answer you quickly. The teacher is always quiet during tests.”

JESUS sits at the right hand of the Father to make intercession for us. He needn’t say a word. His mere presence is enough. But His Presence as living LORD is also a death sentence on those who don’t believe. The death sentence is silent because, as JESUS says, those who do not believe are condemned already.

We Christians cannot be silent. Our silence constitutes consent to the evil around us. We must speak out with the Gospel and overcome evil with good.

If you are a Christian, don’t be silent. Tell others about the way to eternal Life. If you’re not a Christian, don’t mistake GOD’s silence as consent. Cleanse your soul in the Blood of JESUS before the bloodbath of the destruction of evil in the end times.

Either way, GOD will be vindicated. Those who belong to Him wi rejoice when their Father, the Judge makes everything right.


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