Posted by: arieliondotcom | November 17, 2013

Hiding from the Hunter (Psalm 57)

Hiding from the Hunter (Psalm 57)

So there David is. Jealous King Saul has lost his mind and has gone out with his army to hunt down David like an animal. Saul and his men went into a cave to rest. And it was the same cave where David and his men were hiding! You can read the details in 1 Samuel 24.

David and his men kept hidden even though David’s men encouraged him to kill Saul while he had the chance. But instead David cut off a piece of Saul’s robe while he rested. And, escaping from the cave, David roused Saul and his men to let them know if he had any ill will against Saul he would have killed him just now. He asks Saul to leave him alone.

This psalm is David singing about hiding while being hunted. It’s a word picture of a young chick being chased by hunters and hiding under the parent bird’s wings until the danger is past.

David calls out to GOD for mercy and protection, like the baby bird running and chirping for help. And GOD is pictured like the parent bird who swoops down from Heaven with wings of Mercy and Truth.

The hunters are all around, Saul and his vicious men, stalking like lions. They put out all sorts of traps to catch David but walked right into what might have been deadly for them in the cave.

Then there’s that mystery word, Selah, that’s used in many psalms where there is a pause. And in part 2 we hear nothing but praise and glory. David has been carried off in GOD’s protection like the parent bird carrying the chick far above where the hunters can reach. David says that this is because he has remembered to keep his heart firmly attached to GOD. He is completely trusting in GOD to completely save him, like that helpless chick.

The result of David’s joy at being saved is to let others know. The safe baby bird sings from the treetops. It’s not even dawn yet but he can’t help express his joy.

GOD’s Mercy and Faithfulness can fly us out of every troubling circumstance. The Hebrew word for Mercy also has ties to the words for “pity” and “wicked thing.”

Christians know that JESUS rescues us from Satan who hunts us like a lion. JESUS was sent by the Father because GOD had pity on us. His Mercy and Truth sent JESUS to save us and bring us to Himself and protect us from death. We are carried by the Holy Spirit to joyful reunion with the Father through the actions of JESUS and by the Holy Spirit giving us a new heart. We sing from joy in the darkness. Our circumstances may not have changed but our attitude has. We can sing in the Kingdom of GOD before it dawns because it already shines brightly in our Spirit-filled hearts. And we wait for the dawn of the return of Christ.


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