Posted by: arieliondotcom | November 16, 2013

Trusting is Doing (Psalm 56)

Here’s another song David wrote from one of his prayers while he was in trouble. This time he was taken prisoner by his lifelong enemies, the Philistines.
But there’s no record of the Philistines taking David prisoner. A better translation might be enclosed. David actually chose to submerge himself among his enemies in order to escape Saul. Think of a rabbit hiding in a bush surrounded by wolves in order to escape a hunter. David was enclosed or submerged by his own will among his enemies to escape the king who was hunting him. And it worked. Saul was afraid to try to get him there for fear of the Philistines. But David lived in constant danger, hoping not to be killed by the Philistines or found by Saul.

And David uses words like that, engulfed, swallowed up , gathered around, in the rest of the psalm. He asks the question “What can mere flesh and blood do to me with GOD on my side?” And we assume he is going to say “Nothing!” But instead he says “Plenty!”

And isn’t that the truth? David mentions just a few of the things others can do to us before and after asking the question!
Gossip, threats, plans for evil, injury, evil, even death! But then he basically says “So what?!” And asks the question again.

David has the key to real peace: trusting in GOD. But there’s more to it than that. What are we trusting GOD for? A parking space or eternal life?

We often think we must DO something big to be a Christian. But all we need do is trust. Trusting is doing everything necessary and the Holy Spirit will do the rest, in and through us. And notice that David says he WILL put his trust in (GOD).” He’s not saying “I’ll do it later” but “I am going to make myself trust!”

Christians are those who trust GOD and praise GOD regardless of their circumstances. They know JESUS Christ paid everything they owed in their bankrupt sinner soul so they don’t fear a heavenly “Gotcha!” from GOD. They know He will bring those who oppose them because they oppose GOD to justice. Having eternal life, even physical death doesn’t bother them. As the Apostle Paul would later say, “to die is gain.” The biggest reason Christians want to live is to serve Christ. But death is no more a threat than telling a child “Stop watching TV. We’re going out to get you a toy.”

What can flesh and blood do to the Believer? Only give opportunities to continue to praise GOD, trust GOD and walk in His Light and closer to Him daily.


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