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Same Song, Second Verse (Psalm 54)

Same Song, Second Verse (Psalm 54)

This psalm sounds as if it could be another verse to Psalm 52. In Psalm 52 David was writing about Doeg who betrayed him. Here, David is writing about the Ziphites who betrayed him.

You can read the story of the Ziphites in 1 Samuel chapters 23 and 26. They were people who lived in the hills and dug ore to make metal weapons. David and his men were living in the caves in those hills hiding from King Saul who wanted to kill him. The Ziphites betrayed David by telling Saul where he was hiding.

But again, just like in Psalm 52, David seeks GOD’s help. David could have killed the Ziphites himself. He was a warrior with a team of warriors like the American SEAL team today. They are a small band of skilled killers, doing their duty in secret out of loyalty to their country. Instead of killing the Ziphites though David seeks the help of GOD and not his own revenge.

David even asks God to judge him. He asks that if this is his fault that GOD should punish him but if not then please punish his enemies for betraying him for no reason. The Ziphites are not thinking about GOD and what is right but trying to impress Saul and perhaps get a reward: blood money.

But remember what the Apostle Paul will say. The wages of sin is death. David says the same thing in verse 5 where he says GOD will pay the Ziphites with evil for their betrayal.

Notice that David ends this psalm as if GOD has already answered him. That’s because he has. That’s what faith is. It’s the belief that GOD has already given us the requests of our heart when they are in His will. David had this faith even as a boy when he faces Goliath. He said GOD would protect David while defending GOD’s people from Goliath just as GOD had protected him while defending his father’s sheep from the lion and the bear. Same song, second verse.

This is like part two of Psalm 52 because David has been in this trouble before. He knows GOD will answer him as he answered him before. But notice that David doesn’t assume he’s guiltless.

David knows everything depends on GOD’s forgiveness. GOD doesn’t save David for David’s sake but because of His Name as mentioned in verse one. David is judged and saved by GOD’s strength not his own.David’s only part in the process is to acknowledge his need of GOD and helplessness on his own in prayer.

It is GOD Who helps. It is God Who, using others, braces up and sustains David’s soul.

David praises and make sacrifices to GOD as a result of GOD’s help not in order to get it. GOD saves David and David looks back at the triumph GOD has given him over all his enemies.

Just like in Psalm 52, Psalm 54 is a picture of salvation for the Christian today. Same song, second verse. Our only part in salvation is to recognize our need of GOD. We cry out to Him for help and He helps us for His Name’s sake, because we want relationship with Him and He has promised to save us when we call on Him. He saves us by His strength after judging us. We have been given the strength of JESUS and His sinlessness given for us. We are deserving of salvation only because He is. He uses other Believers through reading and hearing and sharing Scripture to bring us this message as He is using me to bring it to you today. The result of that rescue by GOD is our eternal gratitude and praise and the punishment of all who would oppose GOD in us.

Finally, notice that this is part two because there are always new reminders of our need. We are saved once and for all. However as we continue in life we need to continually remember our need of that salvation. So with every trial and tribulation and every enemy attack we must look back to the Cross, ask for forgiveness if we are guilty in the matter, and be reminded that GOD has saved us and is with us. We can look in victory over the way GOD has rescued us yesterday and sing the second verse of victory today.


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