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Fool Proof (Psalm 53)

Fool Proof (Psalm 53)

This psalm is short and not very sweet. At least not at first. It’s another one by David. And it is full of mystery. More is said between the lines in what is not said than what is said.

For example, we know Maskil means a song that’s slow and meditative. But we don’t know what the word “Machalath” means in the introduction. It’s only used here and in the introduction to Psalm 88. But by the way it’s used it seems to be a musical instrument.

We have another mystery in the very first line. Again, on the surface the meaning is very plain. If you say in your heart there is no God you’re a fool. David says God says Atheists are idiots. Not very politically correct.

But the power is in what’s not said. Jewish scholars say this is a prophecy. They say it is about the destruction of the Second Temple, Herod’s temple. They are very specific that it’s not the first temple of Solomon (which would still be prophetic because Solomon hadn’t built it yet). This is theTemple built by Herod after the destruction of Solomon’s temple. This second temple was the one JESUS knew. You remember that during the crucifixion the curtain between the Holy of Holies and the part of the temple where people worshipped was torn from the top to the bottom. Jewish scholars say when the emperor Titus destroyed that second temple 40 years later (70 AD in our reckoning) he stuck a sword through the curtain that was hanging there. (We don’t know if it was the same curtain or a replacement). But they say when he did, the curtain spurted blood and Titus said “I have killed God!”

That is how foolish those who say there is no GOD are.

But wait. Then David (inspired by GOD) says that those who deny GOD do evil because they think there is no one to answer to. But there are none who do good. No human being does good. In the Gospel of Matthew, JESUS (God the Son) will ironically quote Isaiah quoting GOD “These people honor Me with their lips but their heart is not with Me.” These are the people JESUS also says call Him “Lord! Lord!” but don’t do what He says.

The only hope is for those who acknowledge GOD is real and accept His salvation. Otherwise they will be terrified by the GOD they denied.

David ends his psalm longing for GOD to rule from Zion (Jerusalem) as GOD has said through the prophets He will do. This is what the disciples asked JESUS about when He was about to leave them. They recognized JESUS as the Messiah Who would rule from Jerusalem in the Millenial kingdom. They ask when that would be and He says not to think about when He’s returning but to be busy blessing others in His Name while He’s gone.

We Christians act smug that Atheists are fools. But what proof do they have for the existence of GOD from our actions? Only the supernatural love of GOD reflected in our lives transformed by JESUS can change them. If we say we believe but don’t show His love as a result, we’re worse than Atheists and bigger fools than they are.

The proof that GOD exists is in the transformed life of a Christian. Even the worst fool can’t deny that if it is really the result of loving JESUS.


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