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Vision of Vengeance (Psalm 52)

Visions of Vengeance (Psalm 52)

You can read the background of this Psalm in 1 Samuel chapters 21 & 22. David wrote it when he was betrayed by Doeg, the servant of Saul, who told Saul where David was so Saul could kill David.

Why should David be upset that Saul’s servant was faithful to Saul? Because Doeg was enjoying doing evil. Rather than keeping Saul from doing wrong, as David tried to do even when Saul was trying to kill him, Doeg encouraged Saul’s evil. He slaughtered innocent priests for helping David (also innocent). And as if to mock them he wore a linen ephod like they did as he murdered them.

So David had good cause to hope Doeg was punished. But notice that he never says he is the one to do it. As with the previous psalm, David knows that sin is never really against another person but against GOD. So it’s always GOD we offend with our wrongdoing. It is only because GOD loves people and wants us to grow that He has us ask forgiveness and make things right with other humans.

So only GOD has the right to get vengeance, as He says elsewhere. We think of vengeance as a bad thing and it is, for us. We are sinners like the person who does wrong to us so have no right to claim justice. But GOD is sinless and perfect. He has every right, in His righteousness, to make things right. And as David points out, He will.

GOD will get vengeance on Doeg on David’s behalf, and on all those who choose what is not GOD over GOD. That is why Hell is a real place.

David compares evil schemers like Doeg to those like himself rooted in GOD. He looks forward to the day of Judgment. All who trust in the things of this world are like uprooted weeds. But those who belong to GOD are like deeply rooted olive trees in the House of GOD, flourishing and producing fruit that nourishes and comforts others with fruit and oil (used for lotion and medication as well as food).

It is no accident that JESUS sweat blood in the Garden of Gethsemene (an olive garden) the night He was arrested.Gethsemene literally means “oil press.” As He thought of the torments He would suffer for us, though innocent Himself, and seperation from the Father for the only time in eternity, the torment of that thought squeezed blood, sweat and tears out of Him.

But that Blood, given on the Cross in death by JESUS a few hours later wasn’t shed in vain. He bought us with it. Like the olive oil, it gives us Spiritual nourishment, refreshment, comfort and healing. We live as olive trees now, looking back at the Cross, to nourish and comfort others. David looked forward to the Rescuer we call JESUS. And past the day JESUS suffered to when He will have vengeance on His enemies who, because they oppose GOD, oppose GOD’s people.

The song ends in the praise we can all join in singing. GOD saves. GOD makes all things right. We can wait in our personal Gethsemenes knowing we are pressured by evil for a good purpose of GOD. But GOD will get vengeance for Himself. We need only trust Him, continue doing good in His Name (even to those harming us) and wait. We see the vengeance of GOD awaiting those who choose evil over Him. If anything that should cause us to try to point them to Him all the more so they avoid that vengeance we see awaiting them.


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