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Thy Kingdom Come (Psalm 48)

Thy Kingdom Come (Psalm 48)

Humans love stories about great kings. That’s why the legend of King Arthur and Camelot is so popular. It tells about a perfect kingdom ruined by unfaithfulness. But the reality of life is that humans live in a kingdom of unfaithfulness awaiting the perfect kingdom. GOD as that Perfect King ushering in that perfect kingdom is what Psalm 48 is about.

We get a shock before even beginning the psalm, though. The introduction gives us the same puzzle that the previous few psalms give. According to Jewish tradition this psalm was not written by King Solomon or in his time of the mightiest kingdom the world has ever known. It wasn’t even written by his father, King David, the greatest human king ever. The Jewish interpretation is that there was no kingdom yet when this was written and the land hadn’t even been taken yet. This was written, they say, during the time of Moses by the sons of a man who was killed by GOD for being disobedient.

But don’t focus on that. Even if it were written much later the Jewish interpretation is that this is still prophecy. It is not written about any existing kingdom but about the Kingdom of Messiah to come. The enemies described as coming against King Messiah are Gog and Magog, predicted in Ezekiel. Now Christians should perk up their ears. We should recognize those names from the Book of Revelation. And we should realize that King Messiah that the Jewish people are longing for is King JESUS, Yeshua ha Messiach, literally The One Who Rescues Us, Chosen King (JESUS Christ).

This song is about when JESUS has set up His kingdom from Mount Zion and Jerusalem. It is the City of the Great King YESHUA/JESUS. Not David or Solomon of the past. But King JESUS, GOD the Son, Who teaches us to pray to GOD the Father “May your kingdom come soon to earth as it is in Heaven!” He is coming back from Heaven at a time no one on earth knows but the signs of the times point to being at any moment.

In this Psalm JESUS uses Zion/Jerusalem as His basecamp. The armies of the world come against Israel but JESUS establishes Himself as King and the Messiah even Israel will recognize. He is their fortress. A wave of His power spreads out from Him there. Just the approach of it terrifies those He is about to destroy. They grab their stomachs in agony like pregnancy just from fear. Then the blast of His power washes over them like a nuclear flash and all the enemies of Israel, and of their GOD, Messiah and King, Yeshua are decimated.

Just as prophets Ezekiel and John said it would happen and as Jewish people and Christians had heard for centuries would happen, the perfect kingdom of GOD will be set up in Jerusalem. No wonder Satan wants his false religion to take control! But no mosque, no president’s betrayal, no AntiChrist can prevent GOD from keeping His promises to Israel. He’s returning to set up His Kingdom. His lovingkindness is more than they could have imagined.

Just as the Name of GOD is known, and now He is known as JESUS, throughout the world, He will be praised throughout the world. His righteousness will be spread throughout the world. The people will be like princesses pampered by their father the King. He is the One Disney princesses and fairy tales hoped for. He is the role model and mentor, the King every man wants to serve and fight on behalf of.

We are invited to inspect this perfect kingdom in our hearts and minds as Ezekiel did. Think of every ideal of a kingdom to come and pass the Word, the Gospel, from parent to child. Because the Kingdom generations have prayed for is coming. King Messiah Israel longs for is arriving. King JESUS Whom John cries “Come, LORD JESUS!” is about to keep His promise of return. He will guide those who long for His return. But we must first be a member of His Kingdom.

Our King suffered and died outside that city He is coming back to rule from. From the throne of the Cross He calls us to choose His LORDship over our sin, to give ourselves completely to Him as our king and our allegiance to His Kingdom. First we must denounce the ruler of this world. And having sworn our allegiance with all that we have and are and will be to JESUS we can truly say with joy, “Thy Kingdom come! Thy will be done on earth”, as we live to do His will as we await His glorious will in Heaven.


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