Posted by: arieliondotcom | October 23, 2013

Applauding the Almighty (Psalm 47)

Applauding the Almighty (Psalm 47)

Have you ever noticed that we will applaud anyone but God? We applaud baseball players, football players, singers, actors, children in a school play…When we’re excited we make noise about it. But when have you made noise in praise of GOD lately? When did you last thank GOD for the beauty of creation, for the gift of music, or the skills He gives us, for the treasure that we call children?

Psalm 47 says to clap your hands and call attention to how great GOD is and is to you in particular. Jewish tradition says this is another psalm written by the sons of Korah, a man who was killed before their eyes for disobedience to GOD. Rather than being bitter against GOD for what He did to their father they praise Him and acknowledge that He is in charge.

Jewish tradition also says that Jacob is mentioned here because he is the first to try to get nonbelievers to believe in the GOD of Israel. We don’t have specifics about this but we know his father-in-law, Laban, was an idol worshipper. And it is possible this refers to Jacob proving to Laban that the GOD of Israel was the only true GOD. And having been taken to Egypt by his son, Joseph, Jacob/Israel may have testified there, too, about His GOD over the false gods of the land.

When have we applauded what GOD has done for us? As Christians we believe JESUS suffered and died to free us from slavery to sin and give us eternal life and joy forever. Who have we told about it? When do we praise Him for it? Or do we really believe it at all?

This psalm calls not only the people who believe in God to praise Him but for everyone on earth to acknowledge that He is in control. It warns that He takes care of His people and He wipes out those who are not His people. In no uncertain terms Psalm 47 says get on the right side of God or you will regret it.
He is the Almighty King over all the earth, over all countries, at all times, whether they believe in him or not.

It is amazing how many people think that denial is protection. They think if they don’t believe in the GOD of the Bible they won’t be harmed by Him. They think if they don’t believe in hell they won’t go there. Try disobeying the law and telling the police you can’t go to jail because you don’t believe in jail.

Psalm 47 says God is real. He is in control whether you want to believe it or not. Better to praise Him for what He is willing to do for you than to deny Him and fool yourself.

Clap your hands! Applaud the LORD, just because He deserves it. Don’t wait for your feelings. Feelings follow action, not the other way around. The more you praise GOD in Christ the more you’ll find to praise about. GOD puts on the monumental display of His gifts daily all over the earth. Stand up and applaud Him for it! Let the world know what He does for you today!


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