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Window of Opportunity (Psalm 46)

Window of Opportunity (Psalm 46)

Psalm 46 is a window into the future. The classic Jewish interpretation is that it was written by the surviving sons of Korah a man who, with others, was swallowed up by the earth as punishment for pridefully disrespecting the order of authority GOD had set up through Moses and Aaron. The Sons of Korah watched GOD have their father fall into a pit that opened up in the earth. They wrote this song as a window into the future when the entire earth would be in upheaval.

The Psalm is set up like two curtains framing a window in the middle. Christians will recognize the images on the two curtains from the description of the King of Kings and LORD of LORDS riding into battle with GOD’s enemies on earth. This is JESUS, the Messiah the Jewish people looked to rescue them.

Imagine you are in a prisoner of war camp, starving, tortured, crowded in flea-infested shacks waiting to be killed. Then you hear a great commotion outside. There are explosions. You look out the window. The earth is blowing up around your shack. The guards are dead or missing and an American officer with hundreds of American soldiers break through the gate. You are free! That is how the Jewish people long for Messiah. That is how Christians long for JESUS, that same Messiah, to come back to earth and make things right.

On curtain one we see pictures of how those who trust in GOD can find comfort even when the earth begins to fall apart. As JESUS and the book of Revelation describe, the earth will go through great upheaval before His return. Mountains will slide into the oceans and seas and waters will rise and froth, churning like water in a washing machine.

Then there’s a break, a pause (the word Selah, which we can guess by how it’s used in the psalms means “pause” or musical rest. In the same way, we know the word “alamoth” is probably a high-pitched instrument like a violin, though we don’t know what it was.

In this center window we can see the city of GOD that is described in the book of Revelation. It is the New Jerusalem promised to Believers. There’s a walkway from the throne of GOD through the center of the city and the river of Life flows from the throne down through the center length of the walkway with the tree of Life growing on both sldes. Those who did not choose GOD’s offer of eternal Life (in Christ, as we know today) have been conquered in spite of their noise. GOD gives the order and they are silenced. When He acts He will do it quickly. JESUS and His heavenly host will act more powerfully than all the superhero fantasies humanity has tried to hide His Reality with.

Why is GOD referred to as the GOD of Jacob, though, rather than the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? Perhaps because Jacob was the problem child. Yet he was also the one GOD changed from trickster to struggler with GOD. He’s the one the people of Israel, named for him and struggling to keep faithful to GOD, most associated with and GOD knew it.

On the curtain on the other side of that window is a description of the aftermath of the war against those who oppose GOD. It ‘s like looking over a still smouldering battlefield. Fires from destruction are burning. Rubble is everywhere. And yet because of our view of the glorious future for Believers, we aren’t discouraged.

Most Christians think the verse “Be still and know that I AM GOD refers to them, to be still and wait for Him. That’s true in some sense. But the real meaning is a warning. Psalm 46 is a window of opportunity. For those who don’t believe in Messiah (JESUS) and look to Him for salvation it is a warning to be still and recognize that He is returning as conquering King. For those who have given their lives to Him it’s a wake up to keep watching for Him to free us. With the Apostle John, whe wrote Revelation, we can take the opportunity to say “Maranatha! Even so, come LORD JESUS!”


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