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Counting By Calendars (Psalm 39)

Counting by Calendars (Psalm 39)

The scariest question in life is: How long do I have to live? We all assume the best until we get “that” diagnosis from a doctor. Or we are hurting worse than ever before or a storm or results of one threaten us. But it’s the question David is thinking about today. And it’s what he asks GOD to teach all of us to do: count how short the calendar is, number our days and see how quickly the healthiest life passes. And remember we aren’t guaranteed one day on one of those calendars.

David’s psalm is dedicated to the choirmaster, whose name is Jeduthan. But Jeduthan also means “One who shouts praise”, so it may be for a person in the choir whose job was to shout out certain parts the loudest. David wants the whole congregation to hear this message literally loud and clear. And it was so loud we can hear it today in our Bible. Count your days. Don’t assume you have time to change. Change now. But how?

David’s our example. He said he wanted to stop complaining, especially in front of the wicked who wanted to see him lose faith. He tried his best to be quiet but it was like trying to hold fire in his stomach and keep the smoke from coming out of his mouth. Sooner or later it all came shooting out.

We can’t fix ourselves. That’s why self-help books are so popular. They give you the illusion of holding the fire in, whatever your fire is, but it won’t work. Eventually the smoke will choke you and come shooting out. Like those cartoons of the boy trying to hold his finger in the dam to keep the water in, the water will just come out another way.

So David’s first step is to know our lives are very short. All the worrying and troubles we go through to get somewhere in life, and we’re gone like a cloud. We need, David says, to use this life as preparation for the next. Count your days, how many calendars have become obsolete in your lifetime and how few are before you even without health or circumstances cutting them short?

What are we waiting for? if we’re honest we think about death because we’re waiting for it! But are we prepared for it? David realizes, as we should, that what we are really waiting for is GOD Himself. We want the answers for the next life, the eternal one, not this one. And only GOD can give those.

David knew from his scriptures that we need to be cleaned by GOD to be with Him for the next Life. Otherwise, nothing in this life matters. If you are only with the people you love for a few short moments in this life then separated for eternity, what is the point? What matters is that you’re with them forever.

And we know from the New Testament that the way to that cleanness is through JESUS. He tells us Himself He is the only way to the Father and only forgiveness with the Father will bring eternal life. Whatever troubles or frustrations we have are alarm bells to wake us up before our life is over. David realized, as we should, that our troubles are pushing us to GOD before it’s too late.

When we cry out to GOD, He will hear us. He will lead us to forgiveness JESUS provided at the Cross.

We can’t fix ourselves any more than we can stop time. But as we prepare to go into yet another change of calendars we can ensure one more day will not pass before we come to JESUS. Then, like David, as we pass from this Life like a hotel guest checking out of a room, we know we will just be leaving a temporary guest house for our eternal Home.


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