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The Best Big Brother (Psalm 35)

The Best Big Brother (Psalm 35)

Having a big brother is wonderful. As a boy with big brothers I only needed to tell one of them that someone bothered me and they would go after them. If another boy teased me or hurt me they’d get a visit from one of my big brothers for a talking to if not a beating. That works for being a big brother, too. Not being a bully. Not fighting when it’s not fair. But they were justice wrapped up in a big package and when I was treated wrong they made it right.

That goes for being a big brother as well. I am a big brother to a little sister. And there was more than one occasion as a boy that I rolled down a hill wrestling with a boy who bothered her or stuck some boy’s head in a cesspool for what he did to her.

This isn’t just about fighting, though, it’s about taking care of needs. And it doesn’t end at adulthood. Brothers take care of each other & having a big brother is a blessing.

And big sisters are just as good. As an adult I had a relationship with a woman who was physically abusive to me. (Yes, it happens to men, too!) My big sister found out, got on the phone and immediately invited her to a beat down.

And they needn’t be related by physical birth. A Christian sister who found out I was tricked into that relationship said she’d like to deal with those who had tricked me. And what do we do? We brag about them, just the way I’m bragging on my brothers and sisters, Christian and non-Christian to you now.

Are we advocating violence? No. We’re just saying having a big brother or big sister to depend on is a blessing. And that is what David is saying in Psalm 35. He’s saying that GOD is the best Big Brother in the world.

Psalm 35 starts out as what every boy of 3 years old and older with a big brother has said. They may not tell Mom or Dad but they’ll tell big brother “So-and-so is picking on me! And I didn’t do anything to them! I was nice to them even! And they pick on me and laugh at me and hurt me! Go get them!” That’s exactly what David is saying to GOD. He wants all the bad others have done to him to come back on them.

But wait! Isn’t this wrong? We’ve heard GOD called “Father”, but isn’t calling GOD “Brother” blasphemy? Only if it’s not true.

JESUS is GOD the Son. In Him, all the fulness of GOD was in bodily form on earth, though He chose to put aside some of His powers and submit as a human to GOD the Father. While teaching in a crowd someone told Him His mother and brothers were outside waiting to talk to Him. He responded, pointing to those around Him, that
those who did the will of His Heavenly Father are His mother and brothers and sisters. We learn from the apostles, whom JESUS called His brothers, that the Father’s will is that none perish but have eternal Life. And we learn from JESUS again that eternal Life is to know the only True GOD and have personal relationship to Him through JESUS Himself.

So, no, if we do not have a personal relationship with JESUS, if we haven’t followed His orders that we must be born again, we can’t call GOD our Father other than Creator or our Brother. But if we trust in the One David trusted as Messiah to come, JESUS Christ, then we have the right to call ourselves children of GOD the Father and JESUS, GOD the Son, our Big Brother. He is the Only Begotten, a Child of the Father from the womb and He is the firstborn from the dead to rise in Resurrection. But we are His brothers and sisters, born again into His Family and soon to follow as siblings in Resurrection into eternal Life He bought for us with His own.

Aren’t we taught not to get revenge? We aren’t to get vengeance for ourselves because we are sinners ourselves. But GOD says that in the name of Justice He will get vengeance on those who treat others unfairly. We can forgive but our Father is under no obligation to, and in His Justice, He will repay.

Notice two important things. First, David only asks for protection from being wrongfully accused. He knows that if he deserved it he’d take his punishment from others as discipline from GOD. We saw him put this into practice as others were cursing him as he ran from Absalom. Second, David only asks for ricochet revenge. You might remember as children that when another child called us names we’d say “I’m rubber! You’re glue! It bounces off me & sticks to you!” David didn’t think of harming others. He only asked that whatever harm they meant for him would bounce off and back on them in equal amounts. If you ever study the idea of Just War, fair fighting between countries, you’ll see this idea of a nation fighting another nation only with the same degree of ferocity it was attacked.

If you are a Christian, you have millions of brothers and sisters. You can help them. Find out how and do it. If you are not a Christian, JESUS can be your Big Brother Who is big enough to love you with all the Love of GOD. Come to Him. Let Him clean you from your fight with sin and protect you from the bully, Death.

With JESUS as our Big Brother we are safe from all false attacks. And we can praise and brag about Him all the way to the Home we share with Him.


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