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The Creator’s Credentials (Psalm 29)

The Creator’s Credentials (Psalm 29)

The biggest problem in the world today is lack of respect for each other as human beings. And the reason for that lack of respect is lack of respect for GOD, Who made humanity in His image. We make a huge deal about GOD being Love. But in Psalm 29, David brings us back to basics. He knows that before a child respects a parent for position as parent, they respect the power they can’t fight or control. They fear the discipline, the spanking, the strong arms that control. David takes us back to square 1 with Psalm 29 and says if you don’t have the sense to respect GOD for Who He is, you’d better fear His power. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Psalm 29 is what the Black community would call GOD’s Street Creds. Being disrespected for so long, Blacks have come up with a code of credentials that make what White people treat disrespectfully respectful. We speak in opposite languages. You are automatically given credit for being Black and lose credits for being White. In fact, the better off you are in society the more credits you lose on the street. Street creds trade on ignorance and fear. The more ignorant you are in society’s terms the more street creds you have. They capitalize on the idea that there’s nothing so scary in American society as a dangerous Black man. And so, denied respect any other way, they earn street creds in the form of how much fear they can stir up.

David’s song is saying that condition of fearing each other has come because we don’t have respect for the power of GOD. He begins by calling on mighty ones to praise GOD. The idea is “sons of the mighty one.” Some even believe this to mean supernatural beings. It’s an irony that many who deny the existence of GOD do believe in other supernatural beings such as angels, ghosts or even aliens from other planets. David is saying any and all beings are less powerful than GOD. He has the ultimate credentials because He is more powerful than any other being and everything else should respect Him for that alone.

When is the last time we thought about Who GOD is and what the term Supreme Being really means? David literally saw one angel wiped out thousands of humans at one time. There are innumerable angels and hierarchies of angels. That one angel was just a foot soldier. Those who saw angels were so overpowered by just the sight of an angel that they became weak. And yet GOD is immeasurably greater than all of them together. He created them like a child creates a crayon drawing.

GOD is to be respected because of His Glory and strength. He is worthy of respect because of being the Creator of all beings, all that we know and don’t know and can’t even imagine.

GOD is to be respected because He is so pure, so holy that it has physicality. Humans can’t stand to be in His Presence as He is or they’d be destroyed. He is so beautiful that His beauty is overwhelming. David says those are GOD’s credentials. In His very essence GOD is overpoweringly, inconceivably magnificent. We respect mere kings and presidents, religious leaders and scholars. How much more should we respect the Supreme Being Who is by His very Nature worthy of worship?

If this is too hard for us to understand, David breaks it down into natural phenomenon. GOD is so powerful that His simply speaking sounds like thunder. That’s what the Israelites said when they heard GOD speaking to Moses. Moses was on a mountain, miles above them, and the voice of GOD was so frightening the people of Israel begged Moses that GOD only speak to him and he pass it on to them.

Does a crack of thunder nearby frighten you? Imagine thunder so loud it knocks over the strongest trees on earth. Imagine thunder so loud it makes mountains jump out of place like baby cows jumping in a field and strips the bark off trees. That’s just what thunder can do, and thunder is just a symbol of GOD’s voice, used to speak all those things into being. His greatness is so powerful that those who worship Him in His Presence can only gasp at His Glory.

Have you seen the floods that have devastated whole states and tsunamis that have wiped out thousands? Do you still doubt GOD has the power to wipe out life at will through a simple thing like the great flood of Noah’s time? GOD sits above all that. All the disasters that terrify us are below GOD’s feet. He is on His throne above them as you are sitting on your chair above the insects underground.

Finally, David concludes that GOD is to be respected as King, not only from fear of His power, or in awe of His glory, or out of respect as one respects a force of nature as the One Who created those forces of nature.

GOD is the only source of strength. Whatever our color, we can respect ourselves and each other as His creations. We don’t need “street creds.” Our credentials come from GOD as those He made in His image.

But David’s song’s final verse is one that he could not have fully understood himself. He asked this all-powerful GOD he described for the people of Israel to have peace. But that peace was provided in an incredible way.

Scripture says that all of creation, everything there is, including all heavenly beings, extra-terrestrial beings, the entire universe and this tiny earth was made through and for JESUS Christ. It all belongs to JESUS. Not only that, He is holding it all together. Yet in order to give us real peace, JESUS chose to become like us, one of His creation. He died for us to bring us back to the Father when our disrespect and disobedience put us apart from that Glory David mentioned. We can now have peace with this incredible GOD David described forever. All we need do is confess our need of Him, accept His sacrifice for us, and live the new life He gives for His glory. All because of King JESUS, worthy of our respect and honor, in our hearts, on the street, from our praises and on our knees. Forever. Those are our Creator’s credentials.


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