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Digging Our Way to Death (Psalm 28)

Digging Our Way to Death (Psalm 28)

You must work hard to get into hell. It takes effort. That is David’s message in Psalm 28. He is contrasting those who trust in GOD to save them against those who trust in their own efforts to save them. And notice that those who are so stupid that they ignore that they are going to die aren’t even mentioned.

David begins by calling on GOD as His Rock. GOD makes rocks. There’s nothing David needs to do but seek security in GOD. This is why the Israelites were told not to use tools on the rocks used as altars because they were already made the way GOD wants them. Our efforts only profane them.

David calls to GOD to not let him be dragged off to the pit like those who don’t depend on GOD. He describes those others in terms of what they do. David uses the image of a manmade pit. This isn’t hell. It’s a symbol for a manmade plan that takes a lot of effort but only leads to hell.

Some of the examples David gives are those who go through the effort of thinking up lies, acting nice to people but hating them in their heart. The holes of hatred they’re digging for others, like hating David, are just bringing them closer to hell. Their mouths are shovels digging deeper and deeper to hell as they try to trap him.

But that’s just one example. Others use other parts of our bodies and minds to dig our way to hell. David asks GOD to give these people the damnation they work so hard to get. It takes much more effort to do wrong than it does to do right or to just trust what GOD has done.

Many years after David, the Apostle Paul will say “the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of GOD is eternal Life in Christ JESUS. When we sin, or when we try to save ourselves from sin by being a good person we are earning a paycheck. When we go to cash in that paycheck we are given what we earned: Death. All of our sin to make things better for ourselves only resulted in death anyway. Take it from Solomon. He wrote in Ecclesiastes that nothing we can do, even as the richest person on earth, can keep us from death. And we can never save ourselves from sin and sin means hell.

But the free gift of GOD is eternal Life. JESUS stood and called out to people to come to Him when we’re weary from trying to live on our own merits. Only He can give us rest.

Isaiah will prophesy what JESUS shouted out in the streets, “Come and get it! Free water, milk and wine! No charge and no price!”

““Come, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and he who has no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without price!”

If we work to save ourselves we die and we die in sin so we go to hell. Because we ignore, as David goes on to say, GOD’s free offer. Instead of coming to GOD for His mercy we stay in our sin digging our way deeper into hell or try to dig our way out and end up further in.

But David tells us the answer. Trust in the works of GOD’s Hands instead of relying on sin or self. The only way out of death and hell is to trust GOD to save us by His works. He saves us because of what He has done.

The work of GOD’s Hand is having His Hands and Feet nailed to a cross in JESUS Christ, GOD the Son. . He died to pay for that sin. He died so we can live forever as He proved by His resurrection.

David ends his song praising GOD for saving His people and carrying them forever. JESUS is calling us to put down the shovels of living life our way. He has paid for all we need. It’s all ours if we come, plead for mercy and acknowledge His cross covers all our debt. When we trust His finished work for us we are His heritage. We live to do good not because we have to but in gratitude to Him. And He is our guide and carries us forever.


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