Posted by: arieliondotcom | August 23, 2013

Done with the Dark (Psalm 27)

Done with the Dark (Psalm 27)

The dirty little secret of every human being is fear of the dark. If you deny that, think of waking up totally blind. And if you’re already totally blind imagine a world with nothing to guide you. Fear of the dark is fear of the unknown, being without a guide. And this psalm is David’s song of joy that he is done with the dark. He need never fear again, He has the guidance of GOD forever.

GOD is not just the Daddy who brings the light into the dark to chase all the flesh-eating monsters away. He IS Light that sends monsters falling over themselves running from Him. GOD isn’t just Daddy who can beat up every other Daddy. He IS Strength that can defeat any army and all the armies on earth if they oppose His child.

But there is one condition. Yes, humanity gets many blessings from GOD unconditionally, even if they ignore or even hate Him just as most people will be kind to any child or pet. But there are special privileges for His children as we give special treatment to our children and our pet above others. That condition is that we want to stay with GOD, to live in His House as His child.

If you really want to live with GOD, Who is Light, you must stop choosing to hide in the dark. If you really want the security of GOD’s protection and guidance, you must live with Him. And that’s what David says he wants. He has had enough of being out in the dark. He wants to come home and inside the House. There, he knows the LORD will pick him up so he can look down on all he was afraid of. Safe inside in the light he can look out and sing with joy of being safe and secure in brightness and love, full of thanks.

How do we get in the house? We do as David did. We cry out to GOD for help. We “seek His Face”, looking for Him in the dark before we can even see Him. When we do we recognize His Face as the Face of JESUS. He is the Rescuer, the GOD of our Salvation. We ask Him to forgive us for all we’ve done in the dark. And we find out He already has. Even if every other human being has abandoned us for what we did before or for choosing to live in the Light of JESUS now, we know we’ll be okay. Because we have Him. We choose to walk with Him, live His Life He bought for us with His blood.

When we realize that monsters are real, demons and those they inspire to try to harm us, and even inspire us to harm ourselves, we will be done with them. We will ask JESUS to save us from them and from ourselves. Only then will the goodness of GOD give us the strength to go on. When we’re done with the dark we turn to JESUS to get us Home.

Call to Him even when you can’t see Him in the dark. JESUS, your Light and Strength, is arriving. If you’re done with darkness, stand in the best light you have and wait. GOD will guide you. JESUS is near.


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