Posted by: arieliondotcom | August 22, 2013

The Next Step (Psalm 26)

The Next Step (Psalm 26)

I wonder when David wrote this Psalm. It says that he is being attacked for no reason. He has done everything right but others are still treating him wrong. So he asks GOD to intervene and give him justice by punishing evil and vindicating him as righteous. But I wonder when he wrote it. I wonder if his next step was up to a window where he would see another man’s wife and fall into the greatest sin of his life.

We all sin all the time. We may be innocent in one situation but guilty in another. David’s psalm gives us a checklist to go by when we think we are okay but feel as if we’re being attacked for no reason.

The next step after recognizing you feel attacked is to go to GOD for His decision. Notice that David doesn’t assume his feelings of being guilt-free are correct. He goes to GOD to check him.

Has he been living right with a clear conscience? Walking in integrity means “practicing what you preach”, doing what you know and say is right. We first need to check if we feel attacked because our own conscience is making us feel guilty for being a hypocrite.

Next: Have we been trusting GOD instead of ourselves or others? This assumes GOD has been part of the process all along, speaking to Him in prayer through every situation and asking for His guidance.

David still hasn’t found anything so he asks GOD to search his heart. When I was a little boy we played in the woods alot. When we came in the house our Mom would tell us to check ourselves for ticks, those tiny bugs that latch onto you and suck blood and give disease. We would check but she would always check us better, because ticks are so tiny and so lightweight we might have missed one. David asks GOD to check him for those sins he has missed. We should ask the LORD to check our hearts and minds and see if there’s any unconfessed sin we’re unaware of there.

Are we walking in the strength of GOD’s love for us rather than thinking we can keep the Law ourselves? Are we trusting in His faithfulness to keep His promise of forgiveness and guidance when we confess our sins and ask for help?

Next David goes through the company he keeps. The Apostle Paul would say many years later, “bad company corrupts good character.” If you stay around people who lie, you’ll become a liar. David is going over his checklist. He hasn’t knowingly kept company with liars, hypocrites or others who don’t care about dishonoring GOD. Do we?

What about worship services? David says he has attended regularly. He doesn’t gather with other Believers only because he’s supposed to, but because he wants to. Again, where do we spend our time? Our footprints show how often we really stay in the company of those
who love the LORD as we say we do or those who don’t. Even if they’re not openly headlines-making evil, if they are not the LORD’s they are not the right company to keep. Thankfulness keeps us grateful. And gratefulness keeps us coming back to GOD to Whom we owe so much.

And we end as we begin. It’s all about our Redeemer’s forgiveness. Having confessed all, and accepted the LORD’s forgiveness we can trust Him for it. In newness of Life we can go into the assembly of Believers, here and in eternity with a clean conscience.

We are not saved by our checklist. JESUS saved us from earning anything by keeping the checklist of the Law. He did that for us. But it is a good idea to check how we’re doing each day. Are we in step with JESUS, with a clean heart? If our steps keep us forgiven, free from sin’s guilt and moving forward, we can step into each day and eternity praising GOD.


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