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The Friend in Need (Psalm 25)

The Friend in Need (Psalm 25)

The old saying goes “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” When we need help and a friend steps in to help us when we ask, we know that friend is a true one. Today’s Scripture says that we are always in need of GOD and He is our truest friend.

David recognizes GOD as his friend because he knows he can share everything with Him. He empties his soul to GOD and holds nothing back. David trusts GOD with all that’s in him and asks that GOD rescue him and not let his enemies defeat and embarrass him.

David has a right to ask GOD not to let him be embarrassed because they’re friends. When you are truly friends with someone others know it. You are praised or cursed based on that friendship. You are guilty by association. David doesn’t want others to think less of GOD because of something David has done or something he’s being falsely accused of doing. This is why the commandment says not to use the Name of the LORD in vain. Don’t say He’s your Friend if He’s not. Don’t curse in the LORD’s Name and think He doesn’t mind. How would you like someone who doesn’t know you well throwing your name around and making commitments in your name? It’s like putting GOD as co-signer on a mortgage without His permission. When you default and He says He never knew you your reputation and His will be ruined. But it’s a life and death issue when others refuse to trust GOD because you made it seem as if He can’t be trusted to do as He promised.

David tells us how to be sure we won’t be ashamed or disgrace the LORD: Wait on Him. Just as you wouldn’t agree to make a major decision with a friend but then do it without them, you shouldn’t act without knowing you’re “going with GOD.” Check yourself with Him. Make sure you’re not one of those people going off on their own running straight into disaster.

This is only possible by asking GOD to rescue us, to save us. GOD wants to be our Friend but we are not His equal. We all have friends who we know are smarter or more godly than we are. JESUS Christ, GOD in Flesh, came to rescue us and make us His friends. David could only hope for such a Savior and look forward to Him. But we can have His friendship today.

And David tells us how. First waiting upon JESUS, meeting alone with Him in our heart. Then asking for mercy for our sins. We are forgiven not because of anything we do or are but purely on the basis of GOD’s Mercy and Goodness. It is for His own Name’s sake that the Father cleanses us through Christ, Who makes us His friends.

Because GOD is good, He gives us a new heart to want to be good. If we’re humble enough to admit the need of His friendship and seek His forgiveness, He leads us where we should go. If we respect Him as a friend for what He has done for us we won’t want to disappoint Him. We’ll honor the agreement of friendship we have with one another.

It’s a wonderful feeling to know, in human terms, that we have a friend willing to do anything necessary to help us. How much more wonderful to be able to count on GOD as our Friend and call on Him when we’re lonely and in trouble. Human help is always limited but they can’t save our souls. Only GOD can do that.

JESUS called His disciples friends because He revealed everything to them. And He offers His Friendship today. But we must come to Him on His terms today as He came on our terms as a human being. He lived through all the suffering we do. And He paid the price for all our failures.

David ends his psalm with the next step we must take. We must go to JESUS and ask for forgiveness. We must ask Him to lead us in His ways.

David waited for his Messiah to come and save him. We look forward to that same Messiah, JESUS, to return in answer to David’s prayer to redeem Israel as their promised Messiah and king.

What is your next step? May it be towards the redemption out of all your troubles, Jesus Christ. He is the Friend closer than a brother. “What a Friend We Have in JESUS” is more than a song. It is a lifestyle, a relationship. And He’s waiting for your friendship right now.


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