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Links to the LORD (Psalm 24(

Linking to the LORD (Psalm 24)

The answer to any question is linked to other answers to other questions. So when you have a problem, ask yourself what other questions would lead up to the answer you need. They may be implied questions, not asked as a question but understood as one. Every answer is like a jewel on the necklace of links of other questions and other answers.

Today’s Scripture is an example of this. David begins with a statement. GOD Almighty created and owns everything. The entire Earth, with all of its oceans and all land and all living things all belong to GOD. This statement is really that an all powerful being exists. And so the first question: Who can please such a Being so that they are not destroyed by Him?

The answer is: Someone who is totally clean and pure. Those who live with God and please Him must be like Him, completely free of any wrongdoing.

The next question: Who are those who please GOD and are free of any wrongdoing? David gives the answer: Those who are pure like GOD and freed from all wrongdoimg are blessed with righteousness by being rescued from all their wrongdoing by God. He saves them. And the implied answer for “saved from what?” is: Saved from all GOD is not: Evil, darkness, pain…in other words, Hell.

Next question: How do we get saved by GOD? David describes it as by “seeking GOD’s Face.” You know what this is if you’ve ever had a child sit on your lap and grab your face so they can look into your eyes. Even an infant will try to do this if you let them. David is saying those who want to be saved and live with GOD seek to be saved by “looking Him in the eye” and “seeking His Face.” They let Him know they want Him and not the life they have been living anymore.

The implied question is: How do we seek the face of an invisible GOD?

Now it’s as if there’s a disruption before we get an answer. That may be what the mysterious word “Selah”, which has never been interpreted, means: Pause.
There’s a dramatic pause before the answer of how frail humanity can know GOD intimately enough to be saved by Him.

There’s a sudden shouting outside: Open up the gate! Open up the gate! The King of Glory is coming!

But this seeming interruption is our next answer. The way to get to know GOD intimately is by letting in the King of Glory.

Who is this King of Glory? We know one part of the answer is a Man because He’s coming in the gate. Invisible GOD doesn’t walk through gates. Then we get part two of our answer: The King of Glory is a Man Who is also the LORD! The LORD Who wins every battle! Battle against what? The implied answer is the battle against anything keeping us from Him.

Again the shouting comes: “Open your gates! Open up and let the King of Glory in!” Again we ask: Who is this King of Glory?” And the answer comes back: The LORD of Hosts (all the armies of Heavenly beings), He is the King of Glory!

And so we follow the links of answers. The person who can live with the pure, Almighty GOD is made pure by seeking to be saved from sin, seeking GOD and asking to be free. And we can seek Him only through the King of Glory, fully Man and fully GOD, Who has freed us from all that would keep us from Him. Today, we know the Name of the King of Glory is JESUS.

There is a gate in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount called the Golden or Beautiful gate. It is the Gate where the Jewish people believe Messiah, their King who will defeat their enemies, will enter. It is the gate that JESUS came through riding on a donkey and welcomed as king and Messiah by the Jewish people of the time on Palm Sunday. The gate, or one in its place, was sealed up by the Moslems when they took control of Jerusalem, as a sort of insult to the Jewish people as if to say “Let’s see your Messiah come through now!” What they don’t realize is that He already has once. On a donkey and greeted as king.

But the Jewish people still believe their Messiah will come through that gate. Christians know that JESUS is coming back and will set up His throne on Mount Zion. No blocked gate will stop Him.

But there is another gate tougher than any stone, and that’s the gate to your heart. Only you can answer the one last question David assumed the only answer to is: “Yes!” He looked forward to Messiah. We look on the Cross of Christ that opened the Gates of Heaven to all willing to accept Him as LORD. Will you open the gate of your heart to JESUS, the Jewel Who is the answer to the necklace of questions on knowing GOD? Will you let JESUS, the King of Glory, in?


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