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The King’s Prayer (Psalm 20)

The King’s Prayer (Psalm 20)

David wrote Psalm 20 about the King. He is praying for the king, not as the king, so he must have written it either about Saul who was his king until he took the throne or about his son Solomon who would rule after him, rather than about himself.

First, David prays that the LORD would hear the king’s prayers and protect him. Then, he prays the LORD would accept the king’s repentance from sin and answer all his prayers.

As part of his prayer, it’s as if David turns aside to us, the listeners, for a moment. He explains that since GOD chooses the person He wants to have anointed with oil as king, He certainly can be trusted to save the king, (physically and spiritually). He reassures the listeners that we trust the LORD for our help, not human armies no matter how strong. Every other kingdom is doomed to failure but the kingdom of GOD only grows stronger.

Finally, David ends this song of prayer for the king by addressing the LORD again. There are several different versions of the ending verses though. Some interpret it as David asking GOD to save the king and may the LORD answer when we call. But others say it means “May the King answer when we call.” There’s an inference that the LORD and the King are the same.

Christians can understand this because our GOD is our King. We have no king but King JESUS. What’s more, rather than praying for our King, we pray *to* our King. And our King JESUS prays for us. He prayed before going to the cross for us. He prayed for you. He prayed that we would come to know GOD (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). And He prayed that we would be one, as GOD is One. He also prayed that we would be with Him with the Father forever.

We know that the Father heard and granted the request of JESUS, GOD the Son, because of the Resurrection. He paid for our sins and GOD the Father gave Him all He prayed for, all who believe in Him.

What’s more, just as David knew GOD would bless the king because GOD had already chosen and anointed him, we can know that we are blessed by GOD. The Apostle Paul says that since GOD the Father didn’t spare His own Son, but willingly gave Him up for us, won’t He also, with Him, give us all (good) things? The answer is a resounding yes as all things are Yes in Christ.

Finally, our King JESUS lives forever in the Presence of GOD the Father as intercession for us. Some think He prays constantly but His very Presence is a prayer on our behalf. Just as we can see the father and/or mother in the face of a child, GOD sees JESUS when He looks at a Believer and the Believer when He looks at JESUS.

King JESUS prayed for us and is a living prayer of our forgiveness and praise for our Salvation. May we hear the prayer of the King and accept the forgiveness, Salvation and strength His prayers provide.


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