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The Cosmic Conversation (Psalm 19)

The Cosmic Conversation
(Psalm 19)

GOD is talking to you. Are you listening? Are you answering Him?

Go outside at night. Get as far away from the light and noise as you can and look up at the sky. If you’re like me when I was a boy you will lay out in a country field at night and stare up at the night sky. The vastness of blackness with thousands of brilliant stars will overwhelm you. You will feel yourself spinning up into them and grab handfuls of grass to hold yourself to earth. But more than that, beyond the silence and insects you will hear something. You’ll hear creation singing. You’ll hear GOD calling, “Come to Me.”

Go out in the daytime. See the beauty of the sky. See the majesty of the clouds, like continents floating above your head. If you’re like me when I was a child you’ll wish you could walk on those peaks and explore those valleys You’ll feel the sun that everyone all over the world can experience at one time or another.

David compares it to a bridegroom who surprises the bride-to-be by running to her house, his torch blazing, to whisk her away with the wedding party and both their families to the wedding she has been waiting for.

Feel the sunlight that even the blind can feel. And you’ll hear the voice of the Creator call you, “Come to Me.”

David knew nature. He grew up as a shepherd and slept under those stars. He watched those clouds carefully as he grazed his sheep to know whether a storm was due. And he writes this psalm to praise GOD for telling us about Himself and calling us through creation itself.

GOD invented advertising. Everything in nature tells us that He exists. Every flower is a billboard pointing to Him. Every blade of grass and tree is a sign pointing to Him. David says that creation itself tells us every day GOD exists.

Civilizations have felt the power of GOD but as mighty as they were they worshipped the created thing. David calls us to look beyond the food we’re served to the Chef that prepared it.

David explains we get to know GOD through answering His call and acknowledging Him. He then leads us to know His Law. The Law was given to us like a mirror to see our flaws. Through its perfection of what we should be we realize we need to become pure. When we listen to GOD we fall in love with Him. We want to be perfect because He is perfect and we want to please Him. So all of his Law which tells us about Him, becomes precious to us. You know this feeling if you have ever been in love. Making the person you love happy becomes the sweetest, most precious thing in life.

GOD speaks and warns us through the Law of Moses why we can’t be with GOD because we can’t be perfect. Even if we do our best there are sins we commit that we didn’t realize we did. We may not even know they were sins. But as the saying goes, “ignorance of the Law is no excuse.” Any imperfection keeps us from GOD forever.

David knows that and knows he cannot cleanse himself. Note that David says he cannot do anything without the LORD. All we can do is respond to GOD’s call and come to Him. When we see through the Law that we’re not clean enough to be with Him all we can do is ask Him to cleanse us. And He will.

David acknowledges the only One who can cleanse and save him is GOD, his Redeemer. This is someone who paid the price to save David from his sins. We know today that Redeemer is JESUS Christ. He paid the price for your inability to keep the Law. When you hear Him call you and answer Him, He cleanses you when you ask Him. He then creates a new heart in you to seek to please Him in all you think and say. You want to please Him.

GOD is calling you in the sky and the clouds, in the stars and the sun, in the trees and the grass, and in every human being all created in His image. What will you answer? Will this be a conversation or will you leave Him talking to Himself as you go into the silence of hell without Him?


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