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Just Like Job (Psalm 17)

Just like Job (Psalm 17)

This song was written by David. But it sounds as if it could have been written by Job (pronounced Jobe like lobe). Job is another godly man in the Bible who cried out to GOD for justice as David is crying out. Both say they are sinless and want justice. Just like Job David is calling GOD to defend him from evil because of his goodness. Just like Job David wants GOD to do GOD’s job and be a righteous Judge. David is just like Job In the sense of being a just man as well. David, just like Job, tries to do the just and right thing. But, just like Job, David is just a man. And men and women sin.

We remember the sin of David with Bathsheba. In fact, Jewish scholars say the first half of this song is about that. They say that where David mentions GOD speaking to him at night It is GOD judging David for sin with Bathsheba. He committed adultery. He lied to cover it up. Then he had her husband murdered to cover it up more. Jewish people believe this song says David was judged already by God for these sins. Then David says he did his best since then to live a godly life. And he looks forward to the resurrection from the dead when he will wake up in the morning of eternal life. So, David is saying to God that since he has done well since that sin with Bathsheba God should take care of him now.

But even if David could pay for that sin himself there were other sins to pay for. Jewish interpreters took into account what David actually knew. There is another judgment after death He knew, as we all know in our hearts, that we all sin every day. Job knew this too. We can all be as just as David and Job. But that is still not good enough to cover our own sin. They knew that the most just human in the world is still unjust in the sight of God. They knew that what we need from God is Mercy not Justice.

So what is the point of this song then that David is singing? Yes it is about David, like Job, asking for justice. But it is really the answer to David’s prayer at the same time. Because the Person who could sing this song perfectly is not David or Job but JESUS Christ.

For David and Job justice is a wish. They would like to be as just as they say they are. But JESUS truly is perfectly just. He is not just like Job because Job, like David, is not really just. JESUS is the justice that Job and David are praying for. And His justice satisfies the payment for the sins of those who attack Job and David as well as for the sins of Job and David themselves

It is JESUS, GOD the Son, through GOD the Holy Spirit, Who is saying these words to GOD the Father. JESUS could have prayed this prayer as He walked on earth. He is calling for justice against all sin, against Satan who tempted and attacked Him through religious leaders. They sought ways to kill Him every day like a lion looking for something to eat. But He gave his life willingly at just the right time to satisfy GOD’s justice for our souls.

Job said that his Redeemer lived and that because of His Redeemer Job would live also after death. David believed in the same Redeemer, the Messiah. That Redeemer, that Messiah, is JESUS Christ.

It is JESUS who is saying at the end of this song that after His death to meet the justice required for David’s sins, Job’s sins, yours, mine and the world’s sins, He would rise from the dead. And because He paid that price, David, like Job, could look forward to life after death. David, Job, you and I now have the righteousness of Christ. He gave it to us when He bought it for us with His Blood. And like this song, the Apostle Paul said many years later that when we rise from the dead because we trust JESUS for it we will see Him face to face. Paul even takes it a step further and says we will be like Him. That is because, since Justice is satisfied and our punishment paid, we stand as righteous as JESUS Himself. He made us that way. We are no longer just like Job but just like JESUS.


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