Posted by: arieliondotcom | August 4, 2013

At Home in Heaven (Psalm 15)

At Home in Heaven (Psalm 15)

What are your best friends like? They’re probably totally opposite from you, correct? They disagree with you on religion, politics, everything, right? No. Not likely. Our friends are likely very similar to ourselves. Opposites may attract, but in the fundamental things we want those who are most like us to be with us. And opposites will try to make each other like themselves, with all the sparks that follow. Humans like to share. It’s built into us. And we get that trait from GOD.

In today’s psalm David is thinking about what it takes to live with GOD. What do GOD’s friends and “family”, as it were, look like? What does it require to be at home in Heaven?

There are a lot of jokes about people who say they’d rather go to hell than heaven because hell is where the fun is. They picture Heaven as one long, boring prayer session floating on clouds playing harps. But the reality of being apart from GOD is not funny at all. There’s no fun apart from GOD. The pleasure we feel in sin is the good pleasure GOD offers corrupted by selfishness. It’s like eating food that has fallen into sewage, a good thing ruined. There’s only bad and pain in hell, all that GOD is not. So let’s compare ourselves with David’s checklist for what it takes to be at home in Heaven and see how we do.

Requirement 1: Be flawless, with no wrongdoing at all.

Uh oh.

The problem is that even the Bible says if we say we never do wrong we’re liars, so there’s that. GOD wants those Who are Home with Him to be like Him, like what He likes and think as He thinks.

David goes on to “rub it in”, that we: must also not lie, must never say anything against anyone, never think or say anything against a neighbor or a friend, never approve of anyone else who does anything wrong, never change our mind, and hurt ourselves before letting others lack anything.
Let me make this easy for you. You don’t qualify. None of us do.

Yet JESUS said to be perfect because our Heavenly Father is perfect. What’s that about? JESUS is saying we *can* be perfect, GOD intends us to be perfect. But we can’t do it on our own. We are meant to live at Home with our Heavenly Father but we can’t do it on our own and we can’t be with Him if we’re not perfect.

So what’s the solution? David says the person who is perfect will stand strong and never be knocked over. We assume we can be that person but GOD has a better plan. He came to earth as that Person, JESUS Christ, for us. He met all the requirements to live at Home with the Father. And because He also paid the penalty for not meeting those requirements, He can apply it to us rather than Himself. He can exchange the opposite heart in us that is so unlike GOD and replaces it with Heart & Mind set on pleasing Him.

JESUS Christ paid for you to be Home with the Father. If you believe Him for it, you can never be shaken in this Life, as David says, and you will never be shaken at Home with Him in Heaven.


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