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The Face of Fools (Psalm 14)

The Face of Fools (Psalm 14)

As we speak, atheists and humanists are in the headlines. They want to have military chaplains who are not religious. Wanting a chaplain without religion is like wanting tires that aren’t round. Even politicians, who speak nonsense for a living, can see that makes no sense.

David starts off his song with putting it very clearly. If you say there is no God you are a fool. And Christians know that the word of God is true so when David holds the mirror up to reveal the face of fools we know it’s true. The horror comes when we realize the face in the mirror is our own.

“Wait a minute!”, you say! “I believe in God! I even go to church! I give money! I even give to charities! David can’t be talking about me!” But he is. GOD is. GOD “calls us out” to say that every single human being on the face of the earth does wrong.

Sin is like what we flush in a toilet, what the Bible calls “skubala”, in a lot of ways. It stinks. It’s messy. We don’t want to do it in front of other people. We sometimes unintentionally leave it for other people to see in public. And we can’t stop doing it even if we want to, no matter how hard we try. It’s just a matter of convenience, where and when we can.

Human beings sin. Priests sin. Handicapped people sin. Your favorite politician sins. The cutest child in the world sins. The person you’re falling in love with sins. The person you marry sins. And, worst of all, for you, you sin, too. Every day, in all kinds of ways. It’s just a matter of where and when.

The difference is that some of us take refuge in God who does not sin. The only human who never sinned was Jesus Christ. He was fully human yet fully GOD as He lived on earth. He died to pay the price of sinners. He rose from the dead and lives today in Heaven to represent sinners who trust Him to have fully paid the penalty for their sin. When we take refuge in Jesus Christ we are freed not from sinning but from the consequence of our sin. Because His Holy Spirit lives in our heart when we trust Him we develop a taste against sin. He is the anti-smoking gum for our soul. We still want to do it. We may still do it. But when we do, we feel awful about it. And the incidents of doing it are fewer and fewer. He is the car trip that says “hold it in” as long as possible until the next rest stop.

The reason David calls us fools for sinning is that most of the time we don’t realize we’re even doing it. Think of that in context of skubala. We should be deathly embarrassed by it. But we’re not. And when it’s brought to our attention we defend ourselves! Or we think we can stop sinning or pay for sins ourselves by doing our best. But that’s like saying you can fly if you do your best. Jump off a building and you will discover no matter how well or hard you try, you’re not going to fly on your own. And you can’t stop sinning or take away your own sin no matter how you try.

When do we sin? Every time we think of ourselves above others. Every time we help others because it benefits us, and makes us feel good. Every time what we say or do diminishes someone else. In other words, every one of us sins every day.

We need a Savior because we cannot stop sinning. And every time we sin we are as stupid as the atheists and humanists who say there is no GOD. They say there is no GOD and act like it. They are like two-year-old children who do wrong and think mommy and daddy won’t see. But those who claim they believe in GOD deny Him every time they sin. Every act or thought of sin is like saying GOD doesn’t exist.

David says there is a GOD. He punishes sin. And we, today, know that David’s prayer at the end of this song has been answered. Jesus Christ, GOD in the Flesh, has come as our only Hope and Salvation. He came to Israel to offer rescue to everyone of us. We can find the joy of new Life in Him today. We will still sin but we will hate it. It will drive us to Him to be reminded of His forgiveness. And He is coming again to Zion. This time He will come as Judge and King to bring His own people Home with Him.

That news brings joy to David in this psalm. And it should bring joy to all those who are looking to see the Face of JESUS where their faces of foolishness once showed.


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