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Speaking Safety (Psalm 12)

Speaking Safety (Psalm 12)

Psalm 12 is all about speaking. It begins with David crying out to GOD for safety. And the things he’s crying out for safety from is what others are saying.

David tells GOD there doesn’t seem to be any honest people anymore. Even those who are supposed to be godly lie and flatter. In today’s culture we’re so stuck on ourselves we don’t care why people flatter us. We think it’s a good thing. But motives matter & the ugly truth is most of those words of praise are lies to manipulate us.

JESUS says, many years after David, to beware when everyone speaks well of you because their ancestors lied like that to the false prophets who were telling lies to them. It’s a vicious game and leads to false pride. Self-esteem starts with self. Humility starts with GOD. Seek your praise from GOD & if anyone else praises you, thank them and move on. Remember the reality that you are a sinner saved by grace and any praise belongs to GOD and not you.

David says that all these lies and flattery lead to pride, pride leads to boasting and a false sense of deserving what we have, then deserving what we want then deserving what we want but don’t have. All because we swallowed the lie that our desires are what we deserve. And the result is that we act to get what we want at the expense of others.

This behavior will be judged. GOD will destroy those who boast and lie. You’ve heard those old movies that accuse people of talking with a “forked” tongue. David uses the Jewish version of that saying, having two hearts. We speak as if we care but in our true “heart of hearts” we don’t.

GOD speaks peace in response to David’s pleas for safety from liars and flatterers, from connivers and cheaters. GOD says that He will help them and give them the safety they seek and speak out to Him for.

Notice that psalms are based on personal prayers of David but he set them to music (in this case for the harp) to be shared with all the people of GOD. These issues of receiving and giving flattery, of becoming prideful and doing whatever we want to get whatever we imagine we deserve applies to every human being. We are not only subject to harming others to get our way but those lies in our double heart come from the enemy of our soul. JESUS says Satan is a liar and the father of lies. He tells us what we want to hear, whatever it takes to get us to think about ourselves.

There’s only one way to get Satan out of our heart. That is to get a new heart. That purified heart comes fron the pure Word of GOD. With the pure Word of GOD, the Bible, filling the Heart the Holy Spirit provides from the Father we have JESUS continually speaking Truth, Peace and safety to us, if we are His.

JESUS said “Out of the fulness of the heart, the mouth speaks.” But that doesn’t mean we get everything we set our hearts on. He is NOT saying we can speak things into being. That’s witchcraft, putting ourselves in GOD’s place. But we CAN remind ourselves of GOD’s Promises in Christ that truly belong to us for salvation and Spiritual safety. And when we do, we can rejoice as David did in GOD’s control. And because He is in control, even if we’re surrounded by the wicked, we can walk through their midst unafraid, regardless of their lies.


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