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Time and Trust (Psalm 13)

Time and Trust (Psalm 13)

How long has your longest wait been? What has been that time when time was your enemy and it felt like the waiting would kill you? There are times when waiting for someone as in time going by feels like a weight of a burden. And every moment that passes takes a moment of life from you. We have all had those times when we need someone to call, we need them to arrive, we pace and look out the window stare at the clock and hope…and wait.

In Psalm 13 David has waited so long for the LORD to answer that the waiting has become the enemy. Jewish interpreters say that David is asking “How long” on behalf of all of Israel. They say David asks 4 times…How long? How long? How long already!! HOW LONG?! To signify wave after wave of enemies that sweep over Israel.

“One thing after another” happens to Israel and to David while waiting for the LORD to rescue from attack to the point that David and Israel think the real problem is that GOD doesn’t care. He seems to be hiding. Instead of the fellowship of prayer David feels as if he’s talking to himself. He cries out (as he has in many psalms) I’m about to die! I’ve been waiting forever! We’ve been waiting forever! How much longer?!

David has learned what we all learn from the first time we ask as children “are we there yet?!” Waiting is part of life. Even GOD makes us wait. He allows circumstances to change and our character to grow over time. GOD is above time as we are above and beyond the soil in a garden. But time is the soil he grows and matures humans in. Especially Believers He’s growing and nurturing for His Glory.

When I was a boy I spent a lot of time at the doctors and in hospitals. Even as a boy I felt the wait of time that seemed an eternity waiting for the poking and prodding and choking and pain and twisting wires and just plain waiting to stop. How long?! How long would it be before I was free? Did my father forget me? Would I wait forever? It was literally torture. And as I looked into the overhead lights through my tears I could see layer after layer of time fall like sheets of paper with no end.

But my father always came back for me. Then we’d go to the toystore and I could have my choice, first of teddy bears and then when I got older, GI Joe (who is an ACTION FIGURE! NOT a doll!…Sorry…I lost control for a monent).

The point is, I learned to no longer wait for the torture or the waiting. Trusting my father had me turn my focus off of the time and onto the toys.

That’s the lesson that David learned, too and he teaches us in Psalm 13. It’s as if in the middle of all of this waiting David shakes his head and comes to his senses. He turns from looking at time to the GOD of eternity. He sees beyond the garden to the vase where he will reflect the Glory of GOD. And it all starts with trust.

David turns his eyes off of time and onto trust. He reminds himself of GOD’s promises after the trials and tribulations. He trusts that GOD will rescue him, and how long it takes is no longer an issue.

JESUS told the disciples He had to go away for a little while but that He would come back to them. They didn’t want to wait and wanted to go with Him.,First they gave up and hid until He came. Then they gave up and went on acting as if He had never come, back to their old lifestyle, until He came again. Then angels had to tell them to stop staring at where He’d been and get to the work He gave them until He returns.

The apostles Paul and Peter told new Christians that JESUS was returning. But as the government tortured and killed them many asked “How long?!” They answered “Soon.” But that was 2,000 years ago. Although some gave up the wait others waited while working in trust. They knew JESUS would be there as soon as they closed their eyes in death just as He was with them as they lived and worked and loved others for Him in life.

Trusting JESUS to forgive us and keep us safe for eternity means we can also trust Him in the meantime. The trick is to trust first. Then we will be waiting with Him, praising Him, singing to Him, working for Him, loving others through Him. Time then becomes meaningless, waitless and weightless.

Are we waiting for the torture or the toystore? When we trust GOD as David learned to do for our eternal joy, GOD’s Presence is with us now and forever and time becomes meaningless in the joy of what JESUS has done. Rather than asking “how long?” we are lost in living out His Love with a song.


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