Posted by: arieliondotcom | July 30, 2013

Bullies and Believers (Psalm 11)

Bullies and Believers (Psalm 11)

Bullies are everywhere in the news lately. From hazing rituals to disagreeing with lifestyles, we are each a bully to someone, somewhere these days. In Psalm 11 David is writing about Believers being bullied by others. It’s the irony of our day that believing the Word of GOD makes you a bully.

David opens asking since he has taken refuge in the LORD how can he be expected to run from the enemy that’s attacking him? There’s some question about who’s speaking and where the quotation marks go so it could be the enemy bullying him to run.

David brings up the point that if the foundations are gone, the righteous have nowhere to run anyway. In our day, the foundations are crumbling. Society is calling good evil and evil good. The bullies attacking Christians for their beliefs turn the tables and say it’s the Christians who are bullies and. “intolerant.” With the law of the land and the lawmakers becoming corrupt, what hope do Christians have? When those in charge of keeping morality act immorally and make acting morally illegal what hope do the moral have?

David says GOD is righteous and seeks His own kind. No matter how corrupt society gets or how morally unstable society gets Believers in David’s day and Christians today have a better foundation that can never be destroyed.

When the Scripture says “GOD judges with His eyelids” it is a pun with the alternate meaning in the Hebrew of sunrise and sunset. Morning and evening GOD is righteous. He doesn’t blink. He doesn’t shut His eyes to evil. He sees it all and will bring the fire and brimstone of painful judgment on those who don’t share His righteous Nature.

The enemy of our souls is called the Accuser. When we stand up for what is right he will use those under his control to bully us and accuse us of evil. All the foundations of right may crumble but underneath are the everlasting arms of GOD.

JESUS Christ is the Living Righteousness of Christians. His perfection is the only strength we need, in our failures, in our strength, and under attacks. He is our big brother who fights off the bullies of the world for us.

Like David, we can take refuge from the bullies in the LORD. Rather than hiding in shame we can lift up our faces knowing that when we live right, no matter who says it is wrong, we will see His Face, and His Smile.


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