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It’s Only Temporary (Psalms 9 & 10)

It’s Only Temporary (Psalms 9 & 10)

Why would a woman think she has the right to murder her own child? Why would anyone think it is okay to lie and cheat and steal, to abuse children? Why would we praise homosexuality when the Word of GOD says it’s wrong? Why do we do what we know is wrong? Because we feel there will be no consequences, that there is no god other than what is what we want. We make a god of our desires and blaspheme the true GOD in the process.

There is a saying that “the world is going to hell” and David’s psalms 9 & 10 are written to say that is truer than we realize.

Generations of nations thought it was okay to murder babies, to say GOD allowed it, or there is no GOD or made GOD in their own image. Those nations were wiped off the face of the earth. GOD is patient and kind. But He will not be ignored or blasphemed without defending His Name, both for the sake of His Holiness and for the sake of those who trust in Him.

In psalms 8 & 9 David gives us a prophetic telescope. He is singing praises to GOD for upholding what is right and just. But it isn’t only for himself. It is for wiping out everyone who ignored GOD’s rule.

First we see through David’s eyes the end of the world, just before the new heavens and new earth. We see the earth decimated. There is a smoking horizon of rubble, wrecked buildings and crater holes Every nation that opposed GOD and His people has been judged and destroyed never to rise again. He has established that He is king and only those who sought His protection on His terms are saved. All who refused to let Him rule their lives are left to the destruction of their own disobedience. But those who trusted in Him are saved. They sing praises to Him.

Through the smoke we see with double vision the earth still standing today filled with sinners harming the innocent and the people of GOD. But in the background is the destruction. The nations of the past and the earth of the future wiped out for murdering children, denying GOD and blaspheming His Name in defaming His character or calling Him a liar for saying He is Who He is.

Keeping that in mind, in Psalm 10 we are pulled completely into David’s present. He is being attacked and feels overwhelmed by the sin all around him. David calls on GOD to save not only himself but all of those who are being brutalized by evil.

David asks as he and others throughout scripture asked and you and I ask every day: Why does GOD allow evil to do such harm in the world? David recounts the various kinds of evil seen everywhere. He notes that those who do what is evil convince themselves there are no consequences. They convince themselves there is no GOD to call them to account. But David then says something that should make us all stop and think: There is. GOD is king. GOD is in control. He is allowing evil to drive those who suffer from it to Himself. And He is, as the saying goes, giving the enemy enough rope to hang themselves.

My father fancied himself a repairman. No matter how much or how little time he took to do something he would always say “It’s only temporary.” That is what GOD through David is saying in psalms 9 & 10 today. Evil is only temporary. Pull out David’s telescope and see the future destruction GOD has in store for those who refuse to accept Him as king.

JESUS continually called and begged people to come to Him. And He is still calling to us today. He is the narrow path through the landscape of evil to the throne of GOD. He calls everyone who is willing to escape sin, their own and that of the world, through Him. Though it may seem as if evil wins, it doesn’t. It’s only temporary, to bring us to JESUS and to let the evil condemn themselves.

In Psalm 8 David praised GOD for blessing humanity with miracles all around and giving us dominion over the earth. In Psalms 9 & 10 David shows what happened and will happen when we take it too far and ignore GOD or act like we have the authority of GOD.

JESUS was crucified as the way of escape for those who will take it. He rose from the dead and sits as King of Kings and LORD of LORDS. For those who will seek His protection from their own evil and that of others, He offers eternity and the new heavens and new earth. But for those who refuse there is the smoking horizon, the grave and the end of all they trusted in.

Take heart, Christian. The throne of GOD where JESUS sits is eternal. Evil is only temporary. But so is our life and opportunity to seek protection in Christ.


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