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Moments of Majesty (Psalm 8)

Moments of Majesty (Psalm 8)

We’ve been saying that the Psalms are a reflection in music and poetry of the history of the people of GOD. We’ve already seen in the past 7 psalms reflections of when humanity was created, when they sinned, learned to recognize GOD, sacrifice to Him on His terms and prayed in repentance at the realization of sin. They learned that honestly facing their faults and limitations and turning to GOD they could find forgiveness from Him.

Today’s psalm is about moments of majesty. These are when the people of GOD saw GOD break through the mystery of life and performed miracles.
Jewish translators assign this psalm to GOD fighting on their side against enemies of His people, and therefore Himself. He worked miracles that crushed idol worshippers like grapes are crushed to make wine. But we can see in the psalm that GOD’s majesty and miracles are around us every day.

You know the feeling. You stand at the edge of the ocean and are overwhelmed by its vastness. You stand beneath a huge tree and are in awe of its grandeur. You gaze at a mountain and feel dwarfed by its immensity. Those are just some of the examples of GOD’s majesty throughout the earth.

And as if all of that were not enough, David points out that it’s all covered with a canopy of glory above, but GOD’s magnificence is greater than the awe-inspiring clouds, stars and sky.

There are storms in those clouds. Those enemies of GOD we mentioned. Yet David says even small children are strong against the enemies of God and His people with their mouths full of GOD’s praise. Those who seek revenge and are spiteful out of jealousy and hatred of GOD and His goodness to His people are stilled by a weapon even infants can use, praising GOD.

Like most of us, David has looked up in the starry night sky and was overpowered by the giddy feeling of being pulled up into it. He asks GOD in awe that if GOD created such immenseness what must He be like and why should He take notice of insignificant man?

And yet it is the tiny, weak human that GOD has put His glory into, and has given power over all creation though for a time they are a little less powerful than heavenly creatures. Humans may not go to and from Heaven as easily as angelic beings. But they have been made rulers over everything on earth.

And David ends his song as he began it. He shouts out how magnificent and majestic GOD is to have created these miraculous mysteries and to have put humanity in charge of them in His Name.

But for Christians the mystery of GOD’s magnificence goes on because Psalm 8 is referred to several times in the New Testament.

JESUS Himself quoted this Psalm when His attackers, His jealous enemies, told Him to stop the children from praising Him for all of the miracles of healing He was doing. They were shouting “Welcome, Messiah!” The jealous religious leaders told JESUS this was inappropriate but He responded “Don’t you know Scripture?” And by referring to the childrens’ praise in this psalm applying to the children of that day praising Him He clearly said that He was not only Messiah but GOD.

And David’s question about “what is humanity that GOD should care for us?” is not just something he will repeat in another psalm but a quote from the book of Job. And it will be quoted again in the book of Hebrews. There it says that being fully man though fully GOD, JESUS allowed Himself to be in the place of mankind and suffered as a man. Angels comforted Him in His suffering. But now everything in all creation, all of which was accomplished by Him, will be subjected to Him as He delivers it all to the Father. This, too, is part of the magnificent mystery of GOD, GOD the Son willingly subjecting Himself to GOD the Father through the work of the Holy Spirit.

In the end, we cannot fathom the magnificence of GOD. Not His creation, not His Nature, not His compassion and certainly not His saving love for us. We can’t fully understand how GOD could love us so profoundly that He would die for us and save us from death by His resurrection and gift of new Life for us..We can only praise and adore Him for it.



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