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Seeking to Sacrifice (Psalm 5)

Seeking to Sacrifice (Psalm 5)

You remember falling in love. You are in no hurry to see the person. You don’t care what the person you love thinks about you. You don’t want to do anything to show how you feel, right?

Of course not! When you love someone you can’t wait to see them. You think about them all night long. You can’t see them fast enough or early enough. And you want to show them that you love them by making a sacrifice of money, or time, or effort for their sake. You seek ways to sacrifice something to show your love.

We’ve said that the Psalms can be used to track the history of the people of GOD and Psalm 5 emphasizes the concept of sacrifice. If you are a meat eater and are in love with someone who only eats vegetables you wouldn’t take them to a steakhouse for their birthday. In the same way, David writes in Psalm 5 about sacrificing to GOD on GOD’s terms.

Some might think David is being presumptuous comparing himself as being better than others when he sinned so boldly with Bathsheba. But this psalm was probably written well before then. And throughout the emphasis is on those who, like David, recognize their need of GOD versus those who think they have no need of Him.

It is because David recognizes himself as a sinner that he is praying in the first place. He is suffering. And he knows that part of his suffering is guilt from sin besides the attacks from others.

David seeks relief from his guilt by seeking GOD. Because he loves GOD and knows he has offended Him with sin, David seeks to make things right early in the morning as soon as possible. He does this on GOD’s terms. As Cain and Abel learned in Genesis, when you show love by sacrifice you do it on the terms of the person you love.

As David condemns those who are proud, and liars, the tricky and the evil, he is confessing to being like them as well. The difference is that he recognizes this and that only GOD can save him. He confesses his sin. He makes a sacrifice of his self-will and asks GOD to lead him. He makes the sacrifice of praise to GOD as being his only help.

Those who refuse to turn toward GOD will be destroyed by their own stubbornness. But, like David, those who run to GOD for forgiveness are given protection from sin. GOD is their shield.

The shield mentioned here looked like the letter “C.” The soldier would enter the small opening and have protection all around him in the front & sides. Only the small opening in back remained.

As soon as we recognize our need for forgiveness we must turn to GOD and find the sacrifice of JESUS on the Cross has been paid. Understanding what He has done for us has a chain reaction. Our love and wonder at being forgiven and given eternal life transforms our heart from the inside out. The Holy Spirit changes us and makes our life a sacrifice of praise. We seek ways to sacrifice to show our love for GOD. And, loving Him on his terms, Christ’s choice is that we demonstrate our love for Him by sacrificial love for others in His Name. Seeking to sacrifice out of love and not selfishness is a sign of every true Christian. But it always begins with seeking shelter and forgiveness from GOD and finding it and more than we hoped for, with eternal life as well, in JESUS Christ.

JESUS is our Shield. He wraps Himself around us. But like that shield we mentioned earlier there’s a small way in only on His terms of seeking His forgiveness, going in His Way, and living His Life of sacrificial Love as we go forward in His Name.


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