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Master of Monsters (Psalm 3)

Master of Monsters (Psalm 3)

Monsters are real. And they are usually of our own making. They are usually the result of our relationships with others. They are human beings inhabited by evil.

David wrote this psalm while running from a monster. That monster was his own son, Absalom. Prince Absalom was tall, dark, handsome and clever. The most handsome monster you ever saw. But because David failed as a father, prideful Absalom turned on him like a beautiful snake and tried to kill him. And he gathered a mob of other ambitious monsters around him. They want David dead only because it will give their leader Absolom, and therefore them, more power. But they’d be just as happy to kill Absalom and each other for more.

You can read about the history of David and Absalom in 2 Samuel. But in Psalm 3 you can hear David’s heart.

David is being hunted down like an animal. The monsters are out to get him. And in response to being chased by his own son David calls to his Heavenly Father, the LORD GOD.

We all have experience with monsters, even those we sensed but couldn’t see. We all sat in that bed in the dark hearing someone coming for us, sensing them in the closet and under the bed and wishing our father were there to destroy them. That is essentially David’s prayer and song. “Daddy! Come save me! Daddy! You’re strong! I’m not! You’re the only one who can help!”

There was a little boy who lived in a house with a monster. The smell of alcohol brought the monster out. And he was charged by his mother to protect his little sister from the monster. He learned the day he had to pull a shotgun out of the monster’s hands that he had to protect his mother from the monster too.

The boy slept in his bed at the head of the stairs looking down into darkness waiting every night for the monster to come home. He slept with his favorite Christmas gift, a knife given to him by an uncle, under his pillow in case the monster turned violent again. Many nights he could not sleep for fear, hearing the steps of the approaching monster only until he realized the sound was his own heartbeat so loud it sounded like footsteps in his ear crunched against the pillow. He stopped keeping the knife under the pillow the night it slipped out and he woke up to find the point pressing against his throat.
Only the monster’s snoring could reassure the boy he could sleep after praying to GOD “Save us! Help us! You’re strong! We’re not! You’re the only one who could help!”

GOD did save that boy. And He is ready to save anyone who calls on Him as David and that boy did. We are all children in the dark of life’s circumstances. We cry to be saved from the monsters of sin of our own doing and all we can do with our little knives is useless. Until we realize GOD is sitting nearby. JESUS is the Master of monsters. He gives us the strength through new life to face down the monsters in His Name. His Presence is the Light that frees us from every demon and monster in every circumstance. Like David in Psalm 3, we need only recognize our need and call out to Him to save and lead us to Himself.


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