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Judge JESUS (Psalm 2)

Judge JESUS (Psalm 2)

This is a controversial Scripture because it clearly points to Jesus Christ and that’s something Jewish folks are clearly not comfortable with. At first, Jewish scholars acknowledged it was Messianic. But when Christians said, that’s right, Yeshuah ha Messiach (JESUS) is the Messiah, the standard Jewish interpretation became “Then it refers to David!”

But there are two things that make that awkward. First, that would make it say “Come give me a kiss and I won’t be mad!” and second the same descriptions of judgment are used much later by prophets clearly referring to judgment at GOD’s Hand at the end of the world. Interpreting “the son” as Solomon gives that same problem.

As we study how the Psalms reflect the history of humanity with GOD we see Psalm 1 referred to the Garden of Eden where evil was chosen over obedience. In today’s Scripture we get the sense of scattering through judgment for sin. In a minor way through Adam & Eve being forced from the Garden and Cain being made a vagabond in the earth. But in a much stronger way to the tower of Babel.

You can read about the Tower of Babel in Genesis 10:10 and in Genesis Chapter 11. The nations of the world had gathered, as described in Psalm 2, to take a stand against GOD. They decided, since they were gathered on one land mass and spoke one language that, together, they would overthrow GOD by building a huge tower and (they thought) climbing to GOD to unseat Him. Not the brightest plan.

We know from Acts 4 that David wrote this psalm. And in referring back to Babel, David also looks forward not to his own kingdom but to the Kingdom of Messiah. As the Apostles (and Jewish scholars originally) said, this Psalm does refer to the kingdom of Messiah. He will rule from a mountain, not a manmade mountain like Babel but from Mount Zion of His own making.

As Acts 4 also tells us, this Messiah is JESUS. As the kings who gathered against GOD at Babel were scattered across the earth with different land masses and languages, JESUS will come in judgment and those who oppose Him will try to flee. But all who are not His will be smashed like hitting a clay pot with an iron stick. Think of smashing a china shop with a golf club. That’s Judge JESUS.

We don’t like to think about JESUS being angry even just to chase a few crooks out of the Temple before His crucifixion. (And let’s admit, having that in mind for your future would make anyone cranky.) But to think of Him actively smashing and destroying and feeling wrath is truly frightening. As well it should be.

The phrase for “kiss” is connected to coming together, bringing two apart together (as in lips coming together in a kiss). We have a limited time to escape judgment. It is a heartbeat away for any of us. This psalm warns us that we must come to JESUS our King and Judge quickly. The LORD will not take spurning the sacrifice His Son made for us lightly. Embrace Him and His gift quickly before it is too late. His iron rod…golf club?…is in His Hand.


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