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The Decay of Delay (2 Chronicles 24/2 Kings 12)

The Decay of Delay 2 Chronicles 24
(See also 2 Kings 12)

See our message “Repairs in Righteousness” covering 2 Kings 12 for the historic background of what happened in this chapter. Today we are going to cover another important life lesson we can learn from these historic events for our lives today.

Joash was raised as king by the priest Jehoiada since Joash was six years old and Joash was a good king because he did what Jehoiada told him to do. One of these things was ordering the temple to be repaired. It had been attacked and most of its riches literally ripped off and stolen. And idol worshippers, like Joash’s own crazy grandma who had tried to kill Joash when he was a baby, had broken into the temple and stolen its utensils to use in idol worship.

So Joash ordered the Levites who were in charge of the upkeep of the temple to go throughout the kingdom and collect money for the repairs, but they delayed. So a system was made by Jehoiada to take collections on site at the temple. That worked. When the people saw the damage they were willing to pay to have it fixed. But then the priest Jehoiada died. When he did, Joash listened to his idol worshipping relatives. They brought him into idol worship and he caused the kingdom to worship idols. When Jehoiada’s son, Zechariah, a prophet, came and tried to get Joash to come back to the LORD, Joash ordered the evil relatives to stone Zechariah to death.

We all have heard the phrase “use it or lose it.” Everything is in a state of decay. If you don’t repair your house it will quickly rot and be destroyed. If you don’t brush your teeth they will get cavities and fall out. If you don’t eat well and exercise your body will decline into worse and worse shape. And the same applies to your Spirit.

If you are a fan of Star Trek you may recognize that the phrase “Live long and prosper” is actually a quote from the third letter of the Apostle John. John prays in 3 John 1:2 that those who receive his letter will prosper in good health and long life even as their soul is prospering in the Holy Spirit. The two are connected. JESUS warns that you may know what the right thing to do is, but you will only be blessed if you do them. This is what James is saying when he talks about faith and works and how useless it is to tell others “Be warm and fed!” unless you clothe and feed them.

Without protection, and because of its disuse under Joash’s idol worshipping father and grandmother, the Temple went into decay. And delaying its repair added to the damage. It was only after taking stock of the damage and putting the Temple back to good use that repairs were made. But even then, because the lessons of Jehoiada were not a regular part of Joash’s life, those lessons decayed and he fell prey to idol worshippers and became one himself.

Zechariah the prophet who comes in the name of his father who loved and protected Joash is killed by the very one he is trying to save. JESUS, GOD the Son, comes to us in the Name of GOD the Father to try to save us. But we crucified Him for it. As John said, He came to His own creation, but we wouldn’t recognize His authority. But to those who do, and believe in His Name, He gave the right to become Children of GOD. To delay or deny Him is to decay by serving the idols of the world, the flesh and the devil.

Our lives are in decay because of needed repairs in our relationship with GOD. Acknowledging our need of repair by acknowledging JESUS’s finished work of forgiveness on the cross for us and His control of our lives is how those repairs are made. His Blood is the price. His resurrection our guarantee. But we must not delay or any further decay may be deadly to our soul. Let JESUS repair your life as His Temple and live.


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