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Gutwrenching Godlessness (2 Chronicles 21)

Gutwrenching Godlessness
(2 Chronicles 21)

Jehoshaphat, King of Judah, tried hard to be godly and to keep the people of Judah that way in spite of the rebellion of 10 tribes of Israel. His one flaw was that he spent too much time with those who hated GOD and worshipped idols. And that took a toll because his son, Jehoram, took it much further.

Instead of just befriending the idol worshippers of the rebellious tribes, when Jehoram became king he married an idol worshipper. And he instituted idolatry throughout Judah. Now the once godly Judah was indistinguishable from the rebellious tribes. Though they had different kings, they shared offending GOD in common. On top of that, Jehoram murdered all of his brothers, his competition for the throne.

As punishment, GOD brought the surrounding nations to attack Judah and take all of his family but his youngest son and all of his wealth and anything of value. GOD also struck Jehoram with a terrible disease that had his intestines drain through his body like excrement. He literally sinned his guts out. He died after two years of agony.

The people realized what a loser Jehoram was. Although they buried him in Jerusalem they did not bother putting him in the tomb of the kings.

God repeatedly refers to idolatry as adultery. Worshiping another god is like cheating on your spouse with another person. Now all 12 tribes of his chosen people that GOD had brought into the Promised Land were corrupt. They were all unfaithful to Him. And yet, because of His promises to David, God refuses to wipe out the children of Israel.

When the Bible refers to following with all our heart it literally means in the guts. You know that feeling you get when you are in love, a “gut feeling” of “butterflies in the stomach.” You know when someone disappoints you it’s like “a punch in the gut.” It is no accident that this real life punishment of having Jehoram’s guts come out is used. It really happened but is also a wonderful symbol. GOD means to fill us with Love from the inside out. But sin and godlessness shows what we’re truly like inside. Only JESUS can cleanse us “from the heart” by His Holy Spirit if we ask Him to forgive, cleanse and fill us with His Love.


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