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Stand Still and Sing (2 Chronicles 19-20)

Standing Still and Singing (2 Chronicles 19-20)

i have a confession to make. I am a multitasker. And, these days, you probably are, too. In fact, studies show that teenage boys do better at studying when they multitask. They must be “watching TV” or listening to music, etc. while they study to do better. But if you have a teenage boy in your family you already know they multitask because they’re always thinking of girls, food, and themselves (not necessarily in that order) in addition to whatever else they are doing.

Our Scripture today tells us to multitask while standing still. That sounds like a contradiction but it’s not.

Jehoshaphat is King of Judah. They are the small portion of the original 12 tribes of Israel. The 10 other tribes have become idol worshipers with their own king.

Jehoshaphat tries to get Judah to be faithful to God and to keep the practices that were passed down from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through their descendants to him.

When Judah is attacked, Jehoshaphat gathers all the people in Judah to pray to GOD for help. The pray, they fast, and they stand waiting on the Lord for help. And the Lord rescues them! He tells them to stand still and watch because the battle is His. The only thing the people do is trust in the LORD and praise Him with singing and music while they wait for Him to act.

And act the Lord did! He had the enemy troops fight among themselves. They killed each other and left riches and clothing and food for the armies of Judah to just simply step up and take.
But Jehoshaphat had one problem. He kept trying to make friends with the wrong people. We see two examples in the beginning and the end of our Scripture passage.

At the beginning of the passage GOD sends a prophet to Jehoshaphat. The prophet warns Jehoshaphat to stop trying to be friends with people like Ahab, the king of the 10 tribes who rebelled and was killed. Jehoshaphat is warned that it annoys the Lord when he tries to make friends with those who hate the Lord and do evil. He is making the LORD angry and should leave well enough alone. Yet at the end of the passage we find Jehoshaphat making business deals with the new king of the rebelious tribes! It seems like a little matter. Just a few ships. But the Lord warns him again and destroys the work he had invested in with the evil king.

There are times in life when we must stand still, praise God, and wait for Him to work. We may be tempted like Jehoshaphat to hook up with the wrong people. We may call going to the wrong places with the wrong people “friendship evangelism.” But would you teach someone to eat healthy by giving them more junk food? Do evangelicism by all means. But be upfront about it. Don’t pretend to be a friend with people you hardly know and whom you should not know. Tell them the gospel and how to get to church and prayer groups. Bring them to places in the light. Don’t join them in the dark. That includes dating relationships. Don’t date a nonbeliever or a weak believer thinking they will become stronger through you. They won’t. You will slide backwards to their level.

Instead, stand still and sing. Tell about what the LORD has done. Explain that doing nothing and singing is what the Gospel is really all about. We could do nothing to save ourselves. Only Jesus can save us. Our only response to His loving grace and salvation is praise. Yes, that makes us want to do loving acts for others in His Name. But we realize we could do nothing to save ourselves or them.

When you are feeling powerless consider whether the LORD is calling you to stand still and sing. Cry out to Him as Jehoshaphat did. Confess and change any wrong. Then just stand still, singing or praising or giving testimony to tell what love in Christ is and wait for Him to act.


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