Posted by: arieliondotcom | June 25, 2013

Counterfeit Kings (2 Chronicles 13)

Counterfeit Kings
(2 Chronicles 13)

King Abijah of Judah is son of Rehoboam, grandson of David and great-grandson of Solomon. He has inherited a mess with 10 of the 12 tribes he should be king over in rebellion under their own king, Jeroboam. And Jeroboam and his tribes keep warring against him and the tribes of Judah and Benjamin and the priests of the LORD.

Finally, Abijah has had enough. When Jeroboam starts trouble this time, Abijah marches his troops into Jeroboam’s land, goes to a mountain top and calls Jeroboam out. As his father had taught him, he did not attack his fellow Israelites. Instead he tried to talk sense into them. He told them as much of the Gospel as he knew, that only Judah worshipped the true GOD, on GOD’s terms, with GOD’s priests. Only he was the appointed king, descended from David as GOD had promised. Their king, Jeroboam was a counterfeit king, an imposter. And the things they worshipped were not GOD. Even the priests they appointed for themselves were imposters, false priests for false gods. They had nothing to do with the True GOD but might as well be the pagans that GOD had called them away from. He begs Jeroboam and the 10 rebellious tribes to stop fighting the LORD. It can only end badly for them.

But instead of listening, Jeroboam and his armies surround the mountain Abijah is on and attack. Abijah and his armies cry out for help to the LORD and He gives them victory. Jeroboam’s armies are defeated, Abijah recaptures some prime real estate for Judah and has a very fertile future with many wives and children. The LORD strikes Jeroboam dead Himself.

Jeroboam was only a servant of Solomon who acted like a king. He only got away with it because the people let him. Only Abijah of Judah was the true king. Jeroboam was a counterfeit. In the same way, we are each tempted to obey a counterfeit king every day. Satan is treated as if he is equal to JESUS, but he is not. He is simply a rebellious servant, like Jeroboam. Satan is just an angel who tries to act more powerful than he is, “too big for his britches” as they said at one time. He is no match for JESUS, Who is his Master, GOD in Flesh now ascended to the Father.

Satan only has power over us when we listen to and obey him. If we resist him, Scripture says, he’ll run. Greater is the Spirit of JESUS, the Holy Spirit, in the heart of true Christians than the spirit of Satan who is in the world. Satan’s like a criminal trying to break into the house of your heart. But when he realizes JESUS is in there it’s like trying to break into a policeman’s house. When he recognizes your security system is Christ, he will run.

Don’t follow a counterfeit king. Listen to Abijah and come back to the one, true king. Today we know He is JESUS. Only He has legitimate authority over your life. Give yourself to Him. Let Him fill your heart and cleanse you from your sin as only He, the only legitimate High Priest, can do with the washing of His Blood on the altar of His Cross. Accept the new Life from Him and the mark of eternity He guarantees with His resurrection as a promise for yours. Accept the sign of His Holy Spirit ruling in your life like a search light to resist the darkness of the devil.

Accept no substitutes. Follow no fraud. And you, like Abijah, will have a fruitful future, forever.


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