Posted by: arieliondotcom | June 20, 2013

Everything is Not Enough (2 Chronicles 8-9)

Everything isn’t Enough
(2 Chronicles 8-9)

If you think about your life you will discover that everything is not enough. At those times when you got everything you wanted, the satisfaction lasts for a moment but suddenly disappointment sets in. Christmas time was a series of short moments of joy getting the toy you wanted only to become another piece of plastic, another piece of wood under the bed. A pet became just another thing to clean up after. The love of your life became just another human being with flaws of their own. If you don’t believe this you are either not being honest or are not human.

Elvis Presley discovered this when he became a multimillionaire, had the adoration of the world, yet it was not enough and he died bloated and full of drugs on a toilet. Men who have married the most beautiful women in the world haven’t been satisfied and sought the thrill of adultery. No matter how much they had it was never enough.

Our reading today is about when Solomon discovered that everything is never enough. There was nothing he could not have. There was no one he could not charm. There was nothing he could not do. And yet when he wrote about this period in his life in Ecclesiastes, he wrote “Pointless! Pointless! All of life is pointless!” Or, as the King James puts it, “Vanity! Vanity! All is vanity!”

Ironically, it all began when the temple was finished. He had done the right thing! He had done what he was supposed to do, what he was told to do by God and by his father, since he was a child! Yet it was not enough.

So he built his own house just as grand as the temple of God and took twice as long to build it! Yet it was not enough!

He repented of keeping his Egyptian queen in his house attached to the temple of God by a staircase and moved her to a house of her own. Yet it was not enough!

He played “Can you top this?” comparing wealth and wisdom with the rich and beautiful Queen of Sheba. He won. He may have even had sex with her. But it was not enough.

He had so much riches that silver became worthless beside all the gold he owned. So he used his silver to build throughout the city of Jerusalem. He built great buildings and impressive projects throughout all of his kingdom which was immense. Yet it was not enough.

He enslaved those who had tricked the people of Israel when they came into the Promised Land. He had immense power over all of Israel and surrounding countries. He made friends with foreign kings and traveled all the known world. Yet he would shout out and write as an old man, “Pointless! Useless! Vanity! Everything I’ve ever done and ever had is worthless!”

Solomon would write in Ecclesiastes that in the end we should fear God and enjoy what we have. But he wouldn’t learn that lesson until sinning and suffering mightily through trying to find satisfaction in foreign wives and idols.

Many centuries later the Apostle Paul would write that we should be satisfied with food, clothing and shelter. But we never are. He said, “Godliness with contentment is great gain.” There can be no contentment without God. And there can be no God without Christ. And there can be no Christ without the cross. There can be no cross without a crucifixion. There can be no crucifixion without Christ’s resurrection. There could not be Christ’s resurrection without forgiveness of our sins to give eternal life. And we cannot have satisfaction in this world or eternal life with GOD without accepting our need, forgiveness and eternal life in Christ.

Centuries after Paul, CS Lewis would say that he believed in eternal life because nothing in this life satisfies.
Solomon learned that. We can learn that today.

This life is not our home. Our kingdom building here, matter how elaborate, will never satisfy. Our only Hope, our only Home, our only satisfaction is with Christ in eternity. May we embrace the riches of His forgiveness and the embrace of His LORDship. Only when He is our everything is it enough. And that’s why He gives His children eternity to express our love for Him.


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